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PBC News & Comment: Scandal in Ecuador Falsely Blamed on Assange, Maduro

Under fire in corruption scandal, Ecuador’s president tries to blame Julian Assange and Nicolas Maduro, escalating risk for Assange…--Elizabeth Vos broke the story at ConsortiumNews

--lawyers for Chelsea Manning, jailed for refusing to testify to WikiLeaks grand jury, file compelling appeal for her release; AOC calls her confinement “torture”

--AOC and other newbies are challenging DNC ban on consultants who work for Dem primary challengers

--George Clooney leads boycott of Brunei, California bans officials from traveling to 10th state, but boycotts of Israel are denounced by virtually all elected officials

--as Trump seems ready to name Kris Kobach of Kansas as “immigration czar”, Greg Palast exposes Kobach’s racist history

--Surprise! WashPost reports that Kobach’s benefactor, Charles Koch, says he supports open immigration

--Adam Eichen reports progress in using ranked choice voting in Dem primaries next year

--based on your humble host’s views on the legitimacy of Trump’s election, and impeachment, listener Robert Blumen diagnoses Trump Derangement Syndrome

--House Judiciary approves subpoena for Mueller report

--woman from Shanghai is detained after dropping in to Mar-a-Lago while Trump was golfing last Saturday

--Apple exec sues Customs and Border Protection after being detained and harassed at SFO, he says it was due to his strong criticism of surveillance

--Grayzone Project posts article by Venezuelan journalist that makes strong case that recent electricity blackouts were caused by sabotage

--this article recaps 8 outrageous examples of FBI and CIA wrongdoing

--in Chicago, the Daley Machine is shut down, as Lori Lightfoot beats insider to become first Lesbian mayor