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PBC News & Comment: Scandal in Ecuador Falsely Blamed on Assange, Maduro

Under fire in corruption scandal, Ecuador’s president tries to blame Julian Assange and Nicolas Maduro, escalating risk for Assange…–Elizabeth Vos broke the story at ConsortiumNews

–lawyers for Chelsea Manning, jailed for refusing to testify to WikiLeaks grand jury, file compelling appeal for her release; AOC calls her confinement “torture”

–AOC and other newbies are challenging DNC ban on consultants who work for Dem primary challengers

–George Clooney leads boycott of Brunei, California bans officials from traveling to 10th state, but boycotts of Israel are denounced by virtually all elected officials

–as Trump seems ready to name Kris Kobach of Kansas as “immigration czar”, Greg Palast exposes Kobach’s racist history

–Surprise! WashPost reports that Kobach’s benefactor, Charles Koch, says he supports open immigration

–Adam Eichen reports progress in using ranked choice voting in Dem primaries next year

–based on your humble host’s views on the legitimacy of Trump’s election, and impeachment, listener Robert Blumen diagnoses Trump Derangement Syndrome

–House Judiciary approves subpoena for Mueller report

–woman from Shanghai is detained after dropping in to Mar-a-Lago while Trump was golfing last Saturday

–Apple exec sues Customs and Border Protection after being detained and harassed at SFO, he says it was due to his strong criticism of surveillance

Grayzone Project posts article by Venezuelan journalist that makes strong case that recent electricity blackouts were caused by sabotage

this article recaps 8 outrageous examples of FBI and CIA wrongdoing

–in Chicago, the Daley Machine is shut down, as Lori Lightfoot beats insider to become first Lesbian mayor