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PBC News & Comment: Leakers From Mueller Team Challenge Barr’s Summary

In tag-team coverage based on leaked hearsay, WashPost and NY Times report Mueller staffers dispute Barr’s spun-up summary….--they challenge Barr’s “exoneration” of Trump on obstruction, but why did Mueller decline to reach conclusion on obstruction?

--House chairman requests Trump tax returns from IRS

--Trump revises his bluff to close the Mexican border

--eager to keep its #1 status for executions, Texas changes policy after Supreme Court halted one over clergy issue

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews the SCOTUS decision to permit an execution they know will be ghastly

--USA Today underscores the role of prosecutor misconduct in wrongful convictions

--Trump plans to nominate Herman Cain to Fed Reserve Board

--in the Senate, McConnell rammed through a rule change to fast track the GOP court packing scheme, reducing debate time by factor of 15

--House votes to renew and expand Violence Against Women Act, over vigorous opposition from NRA

--PBC made $1 donations to 5 Dem prez candidates

--Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Rep. Tim Ryan announce prez bids

--Joe Biden says he “gets it” and almost apologizes for violating personal space

--in London, House of Commons passes bill by one vote to prevent no-deal Brexit despite leaky roof

--latest VIPS memo to Trump advises him to avoid war in Venezuela

--to keep Lordstown, OH factory open, UAW gave GM painful, union-busting concessions, and GM is closing the plant anyway

--Massachusetts judge embraces “necessity defense” in dismissing charges against almost 200 pipeline protesters, including Al Gore’s daughter