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PBC News & Comment: Leakers From Mueller Team Challenge Barr’s Summary

In tag-team coverage based on leaked hearsay, WashPost and NY Times report Mueller staffers dispute Barr’s spun-up summary….–they challenge Barr’s “exoneration” of Trump on obstruction, but why did Mueller decline to reach conclusion on obstruction?

–House chairman requests Trump tax returns from IRS

–Trump revises his bluff to close the Mexican border

–eager to keep its #1 status for executions, Texas changes policy after Supreme Court halted one over clergy issue

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reviews the SCOTUS decision to permit an execution they know will be ghastly

USA Today underscores the role of prosecutor misconduct in wrongful convictions

–Trump plans to nominate Herman Cain to Fed Reserve Board

–in the Senate, McConnell rammed through a rule change to fast track the GOP court packing scheme, reducing debate time by factor of 15

–House votes to renew and expand Violence Against Women Act, over vigorous opposition from NRA

–PBC made $1 donations to 5 Dem prez candidates

–Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Rep. Tim Ryan announce prez bids

–Joe Biden says he “gets it” and almost apologizes for violating personal space

–in London, House of Commons passes bill by one vote to prevent no-deal Brexit despite leaky roof

–latest VIPS memo to Trump advises him to avoid war in Venezuela

–to keep Lordstown, OH factory open, UAW gave GM painful, union-busting concessions, and GM is closing the plant anyway

–Massachusetts judge embraces “necessity defense” in dismissing charges against almost 200 pipeline protesters, including Al Gore’s daughter