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PBC News & Comment: Trump Defies More Courts—on Asylum Laws

In wake of the purge at Homeland Security Dept., Trump loses 4th challenge to his willful defiance of asylum laws….--Judge rules “under the plain language of the law”…Trump can’t order asylum seekers to wait in Mexico

--amid multiple reports that Trump will renew family separation policy, Individual 1 denies it, and blames Obama for “cages”

--WashPost has decent explainer on asylum process

--Trump raises the drawbridge of Fortress America, and declares it’s “full”

--the false claims are underscored by his widespread use of undocumented immigrants at his resorts and golf clubs

--in uneven op-ed, NY Times columnist Ross Douthat warns immigration hawks of potential disaster

--Trump now has an attorney general who acts like his personal attorney, and “Justice” Dept. is struggling to re-interpret Emoluments clause

--that same AG, Bill Barr, promises to release redacted Mueller report next week, and says Inspector General is investigating the Russiagate investigation

--Jerome Corsi is a moronic right wing nut; but he says Mueller tried to pressure him into guilty plea, threatens to sue if his info is released or leaked

--estimable Boston Globe columnist Stephen Kinzer laments “The Folly of ‘Russiagate’”

--2 California white guys announced for prez yesterday, 38-year-old Rep. Eric Swalwell and 89-year-old Mike Gravel

--Mike Pompeo tries to bury his announcement that 16 Saudis are banned from US over Khashoggi assassination, but MBS isn’t on the list

--last week, your humble host slammed NY Times for running anti-Maduro video message from daughter of Harvard professor who’s apologist for oligarchs, Anya Parampil goes deep at MintPress

--Trump hurts Americans with new $11 billion tariff threat to EU, hoping to benefit Boeing

--testimony about hate speech by Google execs was streamed live on YouTube, until hateful comments from viewers led to disabling comments

--Canadian listener Francis Blunt explains who Faith Goldy is