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PBC News & Comment: Assange Faces Extradition As Ecuador Delivers Him to the British

In orchestrated maneuver, Ecuador sold out Assange to distract from presidential scandal and extract benefits from US….time to mobilize!–as feared, Ecuador President Lenin Moreno ended asylum protection, and Assange resisted as Bobbies hustled him out of his 7-year refuge

–US unsealed the not-very-secret indictment, which is a single charge of attempted hacking of classified networks in cahoots with Chelsea Manning

–corporate media approve of this approach, since the charge doesn’t relate to journalism

–most of the corporate media coverage ignores Moreno’s motives, like the INA papers, Chevron deals, and IMF loans, but MintPress detailed them yesterday

WashPost admits the charge isn’t about Russiagate, then pivots to Russiagate

–Trump, who mentioned WikiLeaks 141 times in a single month, goes full Judas

–the extradition process is complicated, restricts adding additional charges, and Moreno says Britain agreed not to extradite him to face death penalty

–David McGraw, a top lawyer for NY Times, told judges and lawyers last summer that he sees Assange as a journalist who should be defended

–Ecuador’s former president, who granted asylum to Assange, slams his successor as “scoundrel”

–former CIA analyst Ray McGovern: “very sad day for rule of law”

–journalists Whitney Webb and Caitlin Johnstone  offer strong, informed comments