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PBC News & Comment: In Assange Coverage, Corporate Media Show True Colors

Instead of standing firmly for the right to publish, most American media demonize Assange and downplay threat to media freedom…--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola points out that the indictment is about attempted “computer intrusion” but uses language from the Espionage Act

--Glenn Greenwald calls out false reporting that the indictment is based on new information, and a pretext to punish publication of secrets

--Greenwald’s live interview on NPR disappeared from the archives after host screwed up from the get-go, but you can hear it here

--at ConsortiumNews, Jonathan Cook rants that 7 years of lies about Assange won’t stop now

--at NY Times, columnist Michelle Goldberg kicks Assange, then worries about the precedent

--reacting, Hillary Clinton is restrained, doesn’t invoke Russiagate

--but Rachel Maddow and the WashPost, NY Times relentlessly stoke the Russiagate narrative in covering Assange indictment

--Bill Barr’s comments about investigating the Mueller investigation rile the promoters, including Jimmy “The Perjurer” Clapper

--GOP operative Sam Patten gets probation for lobbying for Ukraine, as Dem operative Greg Craig is charged in the same general case

--Steve Volker, the attorney who won injunction to block Keystone XL, predicted on March 21 that Trump would claim to be above the law; he was right

--Trump signs orders to bulldoze legal hurdles like court injunctions

--in Israel, Netanyahu appears to prevail in election after unprecedented meddling by Trump

--Omar Barghouti, co-founder of BDS movement, is denied entry to US

--EU relents, gives Britain till Halloween to Brexit

--after months of protest, Sudan’s strongman steps down after 30 years, replaced by new military regime

--Trump relishes renewed threat to release immigrants waiting for asylum ruling to sanctuary cities like San Francisco

--is Michael Avenatti a crook, or is he getting bicoastal payback for representing Stormy Daniels?

--as expected, craven senators confirm former oil lobbyist David Bernhardt as Interior Secretary

--in ugly drama at 3am, GOP majority on Supreme Court insists that Alabama execution go forward

--New Hampshire legislature has veto-proof margins in ending death penalty