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PBC News & Comment: Congress Protects Tax-Prep Industry, And We Must Pay!

It’s tax day, the most painful ever for many American workers, and Congress is protecting tax-prep profiteers from IRS competition…–the IRS already has about 90% of my info, so filing a return is an expensive honesty exam

–at WhoWhatWhy, Klaus Marre warns not to get your hopes up about release of Trump’s tax returns

–in Paris, rooftop fire at landmark Cathedral of Notre Dame causes spire to collapse

–corporate media moves on from Assange, after wave of smears and denunciation that expose deep hypocrisy

–at The Intercept, author and former ABC Mideast reporter Charles Glass: “Assange languishes in prison as his journalistic collaborators brandish their prizes”

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar and Chris Hedges offer strong commentary

–Elizabeth Vos details Assange’s confinement in Britain’s supermax Balmarsh prison for bail-jumping charge

–UK releases letters promising that Assange will not face death penalty in he is extradited

–former Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger vents heavily on Assange’s flaws, then comes around to denouncing his prosecution for journalism

–perhaps to distract from his embrace of Assange, Trump used lies from Murdoch outlets in Australia and US to attack Rep. Ilhan Omar; Robert Mackey unpacks it

–and Moustafa Bayoumi condemns it

–Trump’s new anti-Semitism czar has a very broad definition of anti-Semitism, as Netanyahu seeks to assemble “indictment-proof” coalition

NY Times does huge spread on real concerns about data collection by tech giants, without any mention of ongoing government surveillance

–right before he promoted him to acting DHS Secretary, Trump told Kevin McAleenan to close the border, and promised a pardon if he got in trouble for it

–Trump continues to tweak sanctuary cities with threat of immigrant transfers

–redacted Mueller report set for release on Thursday