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PBC News & Comment: This Time, Democratic Leaders Are Really Afraid of “The Bern”

Sanders confronts Clinton-owned Center for American Progress for attacks on Medicare for All, as centrists scheme to stop Bernie….–Neera Tanden faces off with my old pal Faiz Shakir, who worked at CAP and now runs the Sanders campaign

–the Clinton’s sniper from the dark side, David Brock, says an anti-Sanders campaign should begin “sooner than later”

–and over at the WashPost, Jennifer Rubin activates Brock’s vision with smears on Sanders and socialism

–from behind enemy lines, Sanders held town hall on Fox “News” last night, and did quite well

–Sen. Cory Booker and Rep. Eric Swalwell launch campaigns to nowhere, as Mayor Pete announces, too, and gets the spotlight; and Warren deserves credit for policy ideas

–at The Intercept, Russiagate believer James Risen offers straight reporting on Julian Assange’s physical and mental health, doesn’t mention Russiagate

pithy comments on Assange from Craig Murray, WikiLeaks board member

–in fresh interview podcast, John Kiriakou talks about the charge (so far) against Assange

–the aforementioned Neera Tanden took a swipe at Assange, and Aaron Maté tweeted back

–Facebook didn’t catch violent posts from man accused of threatening Ilhan Omar

–Omar supporters are frustrated with weak response from Pelosi and other leaders

–people worldwide feel the loss after fire ravages Notre Dame in Paris

–in my latest podcast interview at WhoWhatWhy, sociologist Dr. David Brotherton explains how gang legalization in Ecuador led to 400% drop in murder rate

–in Columbus, OH, activist John Shade III is being hounded by FBI and Secret Service for anti-Trump activism that he says is non-threatening