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PBC News & Comment: In Assange Arrest, UK, Ecuador and Australia Vie to Be ‘America’s Bitch”

Deadly accurate satirical video by Juice Media explains sordid roles of compliant US allies in delivering Assange for extradition to US….–watch the video here

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola explains that the current charge against Assange is centered on WikiLeaks release of Iran and Afghan war logs

–new VIPS memo, timed for release of Mueller report, criticizes St. Bob for failing to talk to Assange, who offered data that would eliminate DNC leak sources

PBS Newshour aired first US media interview of Oleg Derapaska, who laughs at the notion that Russian meddling affected the election, scoffs at Manafort, Kilimnik

–Trump is feverishly tweeting attacks on Mueller report, and Rachel Maddow is working overtime to shape her viewers’ expectations

–at MintPress, Alexander Rubinstein gives a detailed, fair critique of Bernie Sanders’ foreign policy positions, “Incoherent and Dangerous” is the headline

–contrast Sanders’s views on Israel/Palestine with this: Omar Barghouti, co-founder of BDS movement, takes on US and Israel in oped after being banned from US

–buried in AP report about Trump’s list of immigration changes regarding visa overstays, which “exceed border crossings”

–protected from impeachment, Trump works to block subpoenas from all those investigations from Dems in the House

–proving that he’s Saudi’s “bitch”, Trump vetoes resolution to get US out of Yemen

–war on the streets in Libya as (former US asset?) Gen. Haftar tries to grab Tripoli

–more yellow journalism on Venezuela, as NY Times falsely says Red Cross aid is first permitted by Maduro

–the tiny island nation of Malta is thwarting Russian requests to overfly military planes from Syria to Venezuela

–former president of Peru commits suicide to avoid arrest in big corruption probe