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PBC News & Comment: Can We Impeach the Mofo, NOW??

Despite Bill Barr’s redactions and spin, news accounts of Meuller report confirm Trump is impeachable on obstruction, will Dems act?…–Judiciary Chairman Nadler threatens to “take whatever action necessary”, and when pressed on impeachment says, “That’s one possibility, there are others”

–so far, NY Times and WashPost—major promoters of Russiagate—make no mention of evidence GRU hacked DNC

WashPost’s annotated version of the report is here

–most media coverage is on the obstruction of justice claims, on which Barr misled in his pre-release letters and comments

–Mueller found 10 instances that supported obstruction claims

–Barr deserves criticism for his repeated “no collusion” comments and the way he managed the narrative to give Trump “exoneration” he hired Barr to deliver

–Noah Bookbinder of CREW offers interesting comments in oped