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PBC News & Comment: Can We Impeach the Mofo, NOW??

Despite Bill Barr’s redactions and spin, news accounts of Meuller report confirm Trump is impeachable on obstruction, will Dems act?...--Judiciary Chairman Nadler threatens to “take whatever action necessary”, and when pressed on impeachment says, “That’s one possibility, there are others”

--so far, NY Times and WashPost—major promoters of Russiagate—make no mention of evidence GRU hacked DNC

--WashPost’s annotated version of the report is here

--most media coverage is on the obstruction of justice claims, on which Barr misled in his pre-release letters and comments

--Mueller found 10 instances that supported obstruction claims

--Barr deserves criticism for his repeated “no collusion” comments and the way he managed the narrative to give Trump “exoneration” he hired Barr to deliver

--Noah Bookbinder of CREW offers interesting comments in oped