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PBC News & Comment: Alexa and Nest Are Big Brother’s Hackable Spy Toys

Family using Nest Cam for crib monitoring fed porn by hackers; Amazon has thousands of people listening to Alexa conversations--leaks from Pelosi’s caucus conference call indicate the Speaker is firm on avoiding impeachment

--in fresh, in-depth interview, constitutional lawyer and author John Bonifaz argues that the House has a duty to impeach Trump

--at WashPost, Aaron Blake outlines 5 obstruction crimes that appear to meet the 3 key criteria for obstruction

--Monday, CNN held 5 town halls with presidential candidates, and we learn that Sanders and Gabbard are not in favor of impeachment

--Joe Lockhart was Bill Clinton’s press secretary during impeachment, and claims that keeping Trump in office is the right path

--incoherent Trump loyalist Scott Jennings blames Obama for Russian interference

--Islamic State is claiming credit for wave of church and hotel bombings in Sri Lanka that killed almost 300, says it’s retaliation for New Zealand mosque attacks

--FBI finally busts leader of vigilante group at southern border

--as Trump misleads migrants that US is “full”, Guardian reports that immigrant detention centers are nearly empty

--in oral arguments, Supreme Court conservatives appear ready to overlook lies from Wilbur Ross and approve citizenship question in 2020 Census

--US says it will enforce sanctions on 5 nations that buy oil from Iran

--Jared Kushner’s long-promised MidEast peace plan is DOA, says French ambassador

--Israeli soldier accused of shooting Palestinian teen who was handcuffed and blindfolded

--members of SEAL Team 7 rebuff intimidation and blow the whistle on platoon leader for wanton killing in Iraq in 2017, court martial starts soon

--US threatens UN veto of resolution banning rape as weapon of war, over ridiculous opposition to abortion

--Googlers who called out sexual harassment report retaliation

--so far, pharmaceutical distributors have avoided liability for opioid crisis, but the first has been charged

--in Massachusetts, opioid addicts are being jailed involuntarily, and some say they approve the extreme methods