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PBC News & Comment: Alexa and Nest Are Big Brother’s Hackable Spy Toys

Family using Nest Cam for crib monitoring fed porn by hackers; Amazon has thousands of people listening to Alexa conversations–leaks from Pelosi’s caucus conference call indicate the Speaker is firm on avoiding impeachment

–in fresh, in-depth interview, constitutional lawyer and author John Bonifaz argues that the House has a duty to impeach Trump

–at WashPost, Aaron Blake outlines 5 obstruction crimes that appear to meet the 3 key criteria for obstruction

–Monday, CNN held 5 town halls with presidential candidates, and we learn that Sanders and Gabbard are not in favor of impeachment

–Joe Lockhart was Bill Clinton’s press secretary during impeachment, and claims that keeping Trump in office is the right path

–incoherent Trump loyalist Scott Jennings blames Obama for Russian interference

–Islamic State is claiming credit for wave of church and hotel bombings in Sri Lanka that killed almost 300, says it’s retaliation for New Zealand mosque attacks

–FBI finally busts leader of vigilante group at southern border

–as Trump misleads migrants that US is “full”, Guardian reports that immigrant detention centers are nearly empty

–in oral arguments, Supreme Court conservatives appear ready to overlook lies from Wilbur Ross and approve citizenship question in 2020 Census

–US says it will enforce sanctions on 5 nations that buy oil from Iran

–Jared Kushner’s long-promised MidEast peace plan is DOA, says French ambassador

–Israeli soldier accused of shooting Palestinian teen who was handcuffed and blindfolded

–members of SEAL Team 7 rebuff intimidation and blow the whistle on platoon leader for wanton killing in Iraq in 2017, court martial starts soon

–US threatens UN veto of resolution banning rape as weapon of war, over ridiculous opposition to abortion

–Googlers who called out sexual harassment report retaliation

–so far, pharmaceutical distributors have avoided liability for opioid crisis, but the first has been charged

–in Massachusetts, opioid addicts are being jailed involuntarily, and some say they approve the extreme methods