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PBC News & Comment: Elizabeth Warren is First Dem Senator to Support Impeachment

Warren’s call for impeachment is criticized as opportunist, desperate; but she shows leadership in bucking party leaders who fear blowback….–your humble host views impeachment as the duty of Congress, with plenty of evidence of obstruction of justice already known

–Mueller report’s Volume II explains they never planned to indict Trump, but outlines cases of attempted obstruction that were blocked by appointees

–read Volume II executive summary here

–for balance, here’s a lefty op-ed counseling against impeachment

–insecure in his claimed “exoneration”, Trump attack-tweets Don McGahn

–in his take-home quiz for Meuller, Trump claimed memory loss 30 times

WashPost congratulates WashPost for its great coverage of Russiagate, and mostly dings other outlets for errors in reporting

–and the NY Times draws sinister inferences from Putin’s post-election efforts to use Oligarchs to reach out to TrumpCo and end US sanctions

–Chelsea Manning’s appeal for release from jail is denied, without reasoning, as Kevin Gosztola reports at Shadowproof

–Sen. Rand Paul proposes immunity for Assange in exchange for testimony on WikiLeaks’ source for stolen emails

–Caitlin Johnstone ably dismisses the claims that Assange is tool of Russia

–Colleen and Cathleen McGuire—both PBC listeners/subscribers, publish column demanding that The Intercept maintain the Snowden files

–Trump praises fellow groper Herman Cain as Cain’s nomination to Federal Reserve board is withdrawn

–another centrist Democrat, Rep. Seth Moulton of Mass. announces presidential run, as his senator, Warren proposes more progressive policy positions

–Sri Lanka reels from Easter Sunday coordinated attacks, which the security service knew was being planned, 290 dead as Islamic State is blamed, with little proof

–in Ukraine, US-backed Poroshenko loses in landslide to comic who played a president on TV, who has no political experience; Kevin Zeese comments