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PBC News & Comment: Elizabeth Warren is First Dem Senator to Support Impeachment

Warren’s call for impeachment is criticized as opportunist, desperate; but she shows leadership in bucking party leaders who fear blowback….--your humble host views impeachment as the duty of Congress, with plenty of evidence of obstruction of justice already known

--Mueller report’s Volume II explains they never planned to indict Trump, but outlines cases of attempted obstruction that were blocked by appointees

--read Volume II executive summary here

--for balance, here’s a lefty op-ed counseling against impeachment

--insecure in his claimed “exoneration”, Trump attack-tweets Don McGahn

--in his take-home quiz for Meuller, Trump claimed memory loss 30 times

--WashPost congratulates WashPost for its great coverage of Russiagate, and mostly dings other outlets for errors in reporting

--and the NY Times draws sinister inferences from Putin’s post-election efforts to use Oligarchs to reach out to TrumpCo and end US sanctions

--Chelsea Manning’s appeal for release from jail is denied, without reasoning, as Kevin Gosztola reports at Shadowproof

--Sen. Rand Paul proposes immunity for Assange in exchange for testimony on WikiLeaks’ source for stolen emails

--Caitlin Johnstone ably dismisses the claims that Assange is tool of Russia

--Colleen and Cathleen McGuire—both PBC listeners/subscribers, publish column demanding that The Intercept maintain the Snowden files

--Trump praises fellow groper Herman Cain as Cain’s nomination to Federal Reserve board is withdrawn

--another centrist Democrat, Rep. Seth Moulton of Mass. announces presidential run, as his senator, Warren proposes more progressive policy positions

--Sri Lanka reels from Easter Sunday coordinated attacks, which the security service knew was being planned, 290 dead as Islamic State is blamed, with little proof

--in Ukraine, US-backed Poroshenko loses in landslide to comic who played a president on TV, who has no political experience; Kevin Zeese comments