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PBC News & Comment: My Congressman Stands Up for Impeachment

Rep. Jared Huffman, interviewed by PBS and NY Times, bucks timid Dem party leaders and makes strong call for Trump impeachment…–the PBS video is here, and NY Times report is here

–in March, Huffman told me he personally supported impeachment, but hedged on Pelosi’s resistance; the interview is here, impeachment topic starts at about 29:00

–while GOP House and Senate members aren’t defecting yet, a wave of GOP legislators are bailing on the Republican party due to Trump

–as Dems dither on impeachment, an emboldened Trump expands his defiance of the courts to Congressional investigations, tries to stonewall all of them

–fuzzy on basic civics, Individual 1 says he will ask his buddies on the Supreme Court to intervene if he is impeached

–in rare public comments, Crown Prince Jared says Mueller probe was a “big distraction”

–still mining the Mueller report, WashPost tries to find “collusion” between Trump campaign and WikiLeaks,and re-examines the Steele dossier

–Kim Jong-un is meeting Vlad Putin in Vladivostok tomorrow

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar slams Trump’s effort to force other nations to honor US sanctions on Iran

–CodePink’s Medea Benjamin and others are staging protective occupation of Venezuela’s embassy in Washington

NY Times compares Beto O’Rourke and Pete Buttigieg, who seem to be chasing the same voters

–the armed vigilantes at the border have been forced out by local authorities, and at The Intercept, Ryan Devereaux offers history of border militas

–wealthy Disney heiress slams the Disney company for “naked indecency” in low wages for its workers

–2 new reports about the FBI: targeting of Black Identity Extremists compared to Cointelpro, and FBI was involved in movie about Deep Throat