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PBC News & Comment: Just Like Mighty Mouse, Joe Biden is Here to Save the Day!

Hemming and Hawing behind us, Joe Biden plunges into 2020 presidential race with universal name ID and loads of baggage….–Biden uses Trump’s handling of Charlottesville to define the crisis that compels his candidacy

–at Jacobin, Branko Marcetic says Biden is a disaster waiting to happen

–listener John Zweibel emails oped from The Hill detailing Biden’s role in Ukraine’s firing of prosecutor who targeted firm where Hunter Biden was on the board

–Bernie and Beto got chilly reception at She the People forum in Houston

–in new in-depth interview, former NSA technical director Bill Binney offers critical comments on the Mueller’s reports section on “Russian Hacking and Dumping”

–his VIPS colleague, Larry C. Johnson, calls Mueller’s report “disingenuous and dishonest

–Caitlin Johnstone starts book-length rebuttal to smears of Assange

–and Kevin Gosztola argues with anti-Assange comments from former Obama appointees Ben Rhodes and Tommy Vietor in podcast

–Putin supports Kim Jong-un’s call for multilateral talks and security guarantees to reach a long term agreement

–first quarter stats from Afghanistan show higher percentage of civilian deaths caused by US and Afghans

–refugee camp outside Tripoli is attacked by US-backed militia

Grayzone reporter Anya Parampil asks tough questions of leaders of the anti-Maduro Guaido faction

–Texas executes the white racist convicted of a brutal lynching 20 years ago

–journalist Elizabeth Drew, who covered Watergate, warns Dems about the danger of not impeaching Trump

–Facebook announces it expects to pay $3-5 billion fine for compromising our data, and investors add $40 billion in value

–FBI raids homes of Baltimore’s embattled mayor, accused of illegal payoffs disguised as sales of children’s books

–federal appeals court says it’s unconstitutional for parking patrol cops to put chalk on your tires