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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Investigation Challenged as Incomplete, Unlawful

White House releases letter with legal challenges to Mueller report, as leaks provide more info on Stefan Halper’s British operation…–while it’s expected that Trump would challenge the investigation, lawyer Emmet Flood raises some strong legal issues; read his letter here

–Flood’s letter makes dubious claim for asserting executive privilege, which is likely to be used to block McGahn testimony

–after White House initially prevented him from testify, former personnel guy Carl Kline says Trump didn’t pressure him on clearances for Jared and Ivanka

–PBC has long raised questions about FBI/Pentagon asset Stefan Halper, now we know FBI sent secret investigator to drink with George Papadopolous

–in hour-long phone call, Trump and Putin talked about Mueller

–Neal Katyal, who wrote the special counsel rules, says the system is working

–Ray McGovern notes the lack of evidence of claims that are unchallenged in the Mueller report

–Dems extended deadline in demand for full Mueller report

–lefty billionaire Tom Steyer presses for disbarring Barr

–as Dems dither over impeachment, SF Chronicle surveys the views of Bay Area members of Congress

–in new, in-depth interview, historian and author Stuart Wexler describes the connections between Christian Identity extremists and anti-Semitic violence

–UN group calls for Julian Assange’s release from supermax prison, as Kevin Gosztola adds details to yesterday’s extradition hearings

–in censorship purge, Facebook boots Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopolous and others

–Spain is harboring opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez at is Caracas embassy

–anti-war voices warn Juan Guaido that he may be worth more to US as a martyr than a leader

–Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh resigns in wake of graft based on her books for children

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