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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Investigation Challenged as Incomplete, Unlawful

White House releases letter with legal challenges to Mueller report, as leaks provide more info on Stefan Halper’s British operation…--while it’s expected that Trump would challenge the investigation, lawyer Emmet Flood raises some strong legal issues; read his letter here

--Flood’s letter makes dubious claim for asserting executive privilege, which is likely to be used to block McGahn testimony

--after White House initially prevented him from testify, former personnel guy Carl Kline says Trump didn’t pressure him on clearances for Jared and Ivanka

--PBC has long raised questions about FBI/Pentagon asset Stefan Halper, now we know FBI sent secret investigator to drink with George Papadopolous

--in hour-long phone call, Trump and Putin talked about Mueller

--Neal Katyal, who wrote the special counsel rules, says the system is working

--Ray McGovern notes the lack of evidence of claims that are unchallenged in the Mueller report

--Dems extended deadline in demand for full Mueller report

--lefty billionaire Tom Steyer presses for disbarring Barr

--as Dems dither over impeachment, SF Chronicle surveys the views of Bay Area members of Congress

--in new, in-depth interview, historian and author Stuart Wexler describes the connections between Christian Identity extremists and anti-Semitic violence

--UN group calls for Julian Assange’s release from supermax prison, as Kevin Gosztola adds details to yesterday’s extradition hearings

--in censorship purge, Facebook boots Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopolous and others

--Spain is harboring opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez at is Caracas embassy

--anti-war voices warn Juan Guaido that he may be worth more to US as a martyr than a leader

--Baltimore mayor Catherine Pugh resigns in wake of graft based on her books for children

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