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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Accuse Barr of Perjury, Demand His Resignation

Barr is no-show at House hearing today, as Dems scream “Liar”, demand his resignation for denying knowledge of Mueller’s complaints…--Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii delivers coup de grace, says Barr joins Rudy and Kellyanne in sacrificing reputations for “the grafter and liar who sits in the Oval office”

--Barr mangles the law and rational thinking to claim that Trump’s orders to fire Mueller were not obstruction because Trump had been falsely accused

--in the latest yellow journalism about Venezuela, NY Times reveals “secret dossier” claiming that Maduro cabinet member of Syrian heritage is tool of Hezbollah, drug lords

--shifting from cheerleading for Guaido, WashPost declares Tuesday showdown as “failed attempt” at military revolt

--Maduro thanks his military for standing firm, as The Guardian’s coverage acknowledges some supporters of Maduro

--at Venezuela’s Washington embassy, Medea Benjamin and Kevin Zeese lead protective occupation

--in brief hearing in London, Julian Assange declines the honor of extradition to US

--my Facebook post about the protest for press freedom in San Francisco tomorrow (4pm PDT at One Sansome Street) drew barbs from radio host colleagues

--Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet becomes 21st Democrat running for President

--#MeToo co-founder Alyssa Milano signs misleading email supporting Biden

--in lengthy report, NY Times airs out Joe Biden’s conflict of interest over Ukraine and son Hunter’s job at company that Joe blocked investigation of

--new report shows sexual assault in the military increased 38% in 2018

--Trump fan who made racist death threats against Obama and Maxine Waters gets 46-month prison term