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PBC News & Comment: Democrats Accuse Barr of Perjury, Demand His Resignation

Barr is no-show at House hearing today, as Dems scream “Liar”, demand his resignation for denying knowledge of Mueller’s complaints…–Sen. Mazie Hirono of Hawaii delivers coup de grace, says Barr joins Rudy and Kellyanne in sacrificing reputations for “the grafter and liar who sits in the Oval office”

–Barr mangles the law and rational thinking to claim that Trump’s orders to fire Mueller were not obstruction because Trump had been falsely accused

–in the latest yellow journalism about Venezuela, NY Times reveals “secret dossier” claiming that Maduro cabinet member of Syrian heritage is tool of Hezbollah, drug lords

–shifting from cheerleading for Guaido, WashPost declares Tuesday showdown as “failed attempt” at military revolt

–Maduro thanks his military for standing firm, as The Guardian’s coverage acknowledges some supporters of Maduro

–at Venezuela’s Washington embassy, Medea Benjamin and Kevin Zeese lead protective occupation

–in brief hearing in London, Julian Assange declines the honor of extradition to US

–my Facebook post about the protest for press freedom in San Francisco tomorrow (4pm PDT at One Sansome Street) drew barbs from radio host colleagues

–Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet becomes 21st Democrat running for President

–#MeToo co-founder Alyssa Milano signs misleading email supporting Biden

–in lengthy report, NY Times airs out Joe Biden’s conflict of interest over Ukraine and son Hunter’s job at company that Joe blocked investigation of

–new report shows sexual assault in the military increased 38% in 2018

–Trump fan who made racist death threats against Obama and Maxine Waters gets 46-month prison term