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PBC News & Comment: Is Trump Daring Dems to Impeach Him?

Moving to block Mueller testimony, Trump escalates China trade war at same time he “wags the dog” w/moves against Iran…--Sunday night during Game of Thrones, John Bolton announced carrier group is bing deployed to Persian Gulf, based on undisclosed intelligence

--Trump takes 3rd position on Mueller testimony to Congress, now he’s against it

--angry at China, Individual 1 threatens immediate tariff escalations

--House Judiciary will vote Wednesday on contempt citation for AG Barr

--370 former federal prosecutors sign open letter saying that if Trump were not sitting prez, he would be indicted for obstruction

--in oped, James Reston notes that when Judiciary added obstruction charge against Nixon, he resigned 9 days later

--after deadly weekend, ceasefire starts between Israel and Gaza Palestinians

--Miko Peled, son of a Zionist General, chides Bernie Sanders for limp comments in support of Palestinians

--deleted State Dept. memo brags about death and human misery caused by US sanctions on Venezuela

--Aaron Maté outs Rachel Maddow for endorsing Bolton and Pompeo’s plan for regime change in Venezuela in covering Trump-Putin phone call last Friday

--at Mint Press, Whitney Webb notes that Monsanto and Roundup hope to reclaim business in Venezuela after the coup

--vulture capitalist Paul Singer, who’d benefit from Monsanto’s return to Venezuela, may take a haircut on the Puerto Rican bonds he holds

--even the NY Times notices major similarities between Biden’s campaing and Hillary 2016

--65% of Florida voters approved restoring voting rights to ex-felons, but GOP is installing obstacles similar to Jim Crow poll tax

--new report from UN climate panel says a million plant and animal species face extinction

--former PBC producer Joshua Emerson Smith reports on development of seaweed as cattle feed that reduces methane emission