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PBC News & Comment: Is Trump Daring Dems to Impeach Him?

Moving to block Mueller testimony, Trump escalates China trade war at same time he “wags the dog” w/moves against Iran…–Sunday night during Game of Thrones, John Bolton announced carrier group is bing deployed to Persian Gulf, based on undisclosed intelligence

–Trump takes 3rd position on Mueller testimony to Congress, now he’s against it

–angry at China, Individual 1 threatens immediate tariff escalations

–House Judiciary will vote Wednesday on contempt citation for AG Barr

–370 former federal prosecutors sign open letter saying that if Trump were not sitting prez, he would be indicted for obstruction

–in oped, James Reston notes that when Judiciary added obstruction charge against Nixon, he resigned 9 days later

–after deadly weekend, ceasefire starts between Israel and Gaza Palestinians

–Miko Peled, son of a Zionist General, chides Bernie Sanders for limp comments in support of Palestinians

–deleted State Dept. memo brags about death and human misery caused by US sanctions on Venezuela

–Aaron Maté outs Rachel Maddow for endorsing Bolton and Pompeo’s plan for regime change in Venezuela in covering Trump-Putin phone call last Friday

–at Mint Press, Whitney Webb notes that Monsanto and Roundup hope to reclaim business in Venezuela after the coup

–vulture capitalist Paul Singer, who’d benefit from Monsanto’s return to Venezuela, may take a haircut on the Puerto Rican bonds he holds

–even the NY Times notices major similarities between Biden’s campaing and Hillary 2016

–65% of Florida voters approved restoring voting rights to ex-felons, but GOP is installing obstacles similar to Jim Crow poll tax

–new report from UN climate panel says a million plant and animal species face extinction

–former PBC producer Joshua Emerson Smith reports on development of seaweed as cattle feed that reduces methane emission