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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Report’s Omissions Raise More Questions

Gareth Porter says Mueller stoked Trump-Russia alarmism, as Larry C. Johnson identifies elements of Deep State conspiracy…Read Porter’s analysis here,

–and Larry Johnson’s article here

–FBI Director Wray defends the Bureau, as another framed American draws hefty sentence in terrorism plot set up by undercover agents

–CIA’s Vault 7 hacking tools were compromised by China while deployed by US, and North Korea and Russia had them in 2016, too

–China’s top trade negotiator is coming to Washington Thursday, as meetings and markets are roiled by Trump’s tweeted tariff threats

–Trump’s obstruction expands, as White House orders McGahn not to deliver records to Judiciary Committee and Mnuchin refuses to turn over Trump’stax records

–echoing PBC comments yesterday, Pelosi says Trump is goading Dems to impeach him and blasts Mitch McConnell for claiming “case closed”

–FOIA maniac Jason Leopold sued to force Justice Dept. to release a “redaction-lite” version of Mueller report

–reacting to Bolton’s saber rattling, Iran calls it “psychological warfare”

CNN falsely reports that self-appointed Venezuelan “president” Guaido was elected in January

–Myanmar releases 2 Reuters journalists who won Pulitzers while in jail

–Trump pardons former US soldier who murdered unarmed Iraqi suspect

–Sen. Kamala Harris is first Dem prez candidate to denounce voter suppression

–during the arbitrary traffic stop that led to her jailing and death, Sandra Bland used her phone to shoot video that proves she was no threat to trooper

–Julian Assange got a prison visit from Pamela Anderson