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PBC News & Comment: Trump Claims Executive Privilege Over Mueller Report Redactions

In his latest act of obstruction, Individual 1 makes 11th inning claim of executive privilege, Pelosi calls him “self-impeachable”…–Trump goes all in, betting that a new Democratic “witch hunt” via impeachment would deliver him the 2020 election

–second day in a row, Nancy “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi talks about impeachment

–exactly one year since Trump breached the Iran nuclear agreement, Iran threatens to enrich uranium in move to get Euro nations to break US sanctions

–China is also pushing back on the Bully-in-Chief’s tariff threats

NY Times reports on Trump’s taxes from 1985-94, with Donnie reporting biggest losses by individual taxpayers….he’s the #1 loser

-prisoner Michael Cohen lets actor Tom Arnold release phone recording about Cohen’s intervention to keep sex photos of Jerry Falwell, Jr. secret

–at The Intercept, formerly respected reporter James Risen continues his curious support of Russiagate with selective criticism of Mueller report

–Sen. Ron Wyden presses DHS and surveillance vendor about monitoring of First Amendment protests of Trump’s child separation policies

–new data show the cruelty and bias of immigration under Trump: only 62 Syrian refugees were admitted to US in fiscal 2018

–in gift to Trump, ostensibly-liberal 9th Circuit decision allows policy that sends asylum applicants back to Mexico to wait for US decision

–as a member of Arctic Council, US forced deletions of all references to climate change in latest report

–TV host Busy Philipps blasts Georgia governor for signing new law that bans abortion at about 6 weeks of pregnancy

–as Uber readies IPO, drivers go on strike and we learn that Uber’s next target of disruption is public transit