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PBC News & Comment: Catching Up On a Week of Many Outrages

Returning from week off, your humble host recaps a host of outrages, from Manning’s re-jailing to arrest of embassy protectors….--Chelsea Manning was released, then locked up again for refusing to testify against Assange; Kevin Gosztola gives great coverage

--in gross violation of Geneva conventions, DC cops arrest volunteers who were authorized to protect Venezuela’s embassy by the legitimate government

--Missouri joins Alabama in passing clearly unconstitutional abortion laws, and most Democratic leaders are passive

--Bolton’s the bad cop on Iran, as Trump claims he doesn’t want war; Dem prez candidates take strong stands, led by Sanders and Gabbard

--at The Intercept, Medhi Hassan begs media to avoid replay of Iraq pre-war reporting on Iran, and it applies to Venezuela, too

--at Consortium News, Caitlin Johnstone uses leaked document to show that skeptics like PBC were right about last year’s staged chemical attack in Douma, Syria

--liberal San Francisco rationalizes brazen police search of reporter’s home and office in effort to find the cop who leaked report on death of public defender

--also in SF, homeless census shows 17% increase, as bill to promote housing construction is shelved in Sacramento

--federal judge in Mike Flynn case orders full release of that section of Mueller report, and WashPost leaves out the part about Israel

--as Trump stonewalls House committees, Dems read Mueller report on C-SPAN

--law professor Jonathan Turley underscores the power of impeachment in House hearing

--SF billionaire Tom Steyer’s latest ad features Americans who are outraged at Trump’s lawbreaking and that “nothing has happended”

--fabulous, but futile: House passes bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual identity

--Rep. Rashida Tlaib got the anti-Semitic smears over recent comments, but this time the Dem leadership pushed back; good commentary from Joshua Leifer here

--while PBC was in NYC, Mayor De Blasio became 23rd Dem prez candidate, embracing the working class in the city that subsidizes the 1%