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PBC News & Comment: Catching Up On a Week of Many Outrages

Returning from week off, your humble host recaps a host of outrages, from Manning’s re-jailing to arrest of embassy protectors….–Chelsea Manning was released, then locked up again for refusing to testify against Assange; Kevin Gosztola gives great coverage

–in gross violation of Geneva conventions, DC cops arrest volunteers who were authorized to protect Venezuela’s embassy by the legitimate government

–Missouri joins Alabama in passing clearly unconstitutional abortion laws, and most Democratic leaders are passive

–Bolton’s the bad cop on Iran, as Trump claims he doesn’t want war; Dem prez candidates take strong stands, led by Sanders and Gabbard

–at The Intercept, Medhi Hassan begs media to avoid replay of Iraq pre-war reporting on Iran, and it applies to Venezuela, too

–at Consortium News, Caitlin Johnstone uses leaked document to show that skeptics like PBC were right about last year’s staged chemical attack in Douma, Syria

–liberal San Francisco rationalizes brazen police search of reporter’s home and office in effort to find the cop who leaked report on death of public defender

–also in SF, homeless census shows 17% increase, as bill to promote housing construction is shelved in Sacramento

–federal judge in Mike Flynn case orders full release of that section of Mueller report, and WashPost leaves out the part about Israel

–as Trump stonewalls House committees, Dems read Mueller report on C-SPAN

–law professor Jonathan Turley underscores the power of impeachment in House hearing

–SF billionaire Tom Steyer’s latest ad features Americans who are outraged at Trump’s lawbreaking and that “nothing has happended”

–fabulous, but futile: House passes bill to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and sexual identity

–Rep. Rashida Tlaib got the anti-Semitic smears over recent comments, but this time the Dem leadership pushed back; good commentary from Joshua Leifer here

–while PBC was in NYC, Mayor De Blasio became 23rd Dem prez candidate, embracing the working class in the city that subsidizes the 1%