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PBC News & Comment: GOP Rep. Amash Calls Trump’s Conduct “Impeachable”

Breaking ranks with Republicans, again, Justin Amash gets Tweet-bombed for calling Trump impeachable and Barr misleading after reading Mueller report….--Moon of Alabama reports that Russian Foreign Minister urged Pompeo to release 2016 US-Russian messages on alleged interference

--headlines cause whiplash as US posture toward Iran lurches from one extreme to another

--NY Times front pages yellow journalism on Venezuela, blaming socialism as main cause of economic crisis

--on the same Saturday front page, a lengthy smear of Bernie Sanders for supporting the Sandinistas leads to Sunday response

--attempted attacks on Sens. Warren and Sanders using the “socialism trap” come up in fresh in-depth interview with author/activist Frances Moore Lappé

--campaigning in the south, Sanders strongly supports abortion rights, says it’s not just a women’s issue

--in provocative commentary at Counterpunch, Manuel Garcia, Jr. says the abortion battle is driven by whites who fear a majority of minorities

--another Republican moron from Missouri spoke of “consensual” rape before apologizing

--Swedish prosecutors take first step to extradite Assange for sexual accusations

--challenges to facial recognition tools expand, as Amazon shareholders will vote on measure opposing sales of Rekognition to police

--last week, federal judge in San Francisco pressed FBI to release gag orders on old national security letters