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PBC News & Comment: GOP Rep. Amash Calls Trump’s Conduct “Impeachable”

Breaking ranks with Republicans, again, Justin Amash gets Tweet-bombed for calling Trump impeachable and Barr misleading after reading Mueller report….–Moon of Alabama reports that Russian Foreign Minister urged Pompeo to release 2016 US-Russian messages on alleged interference

–headlines cause whiplash as US posture toward Iran lurches from one extreme to another

NY Times front pages yellow journalism on Venezuela, blaming socialism as main cause of economic crisis

–on the same Saturday front page, a lengthy smear of Bernie Sanders for supporting the Sandinistas leads to Sunday response

–attempted attacks on Sens. Warren and Sanders using the “socialism trap” come up in fresh in-depth interview with author/activist Frances Moore Lappé

–campaigning in the south, Sanders strongly supports abortion rights, says it’s not just a women’s issue

–in provocative commentary at Counterpunch, Manuel Garcia, Jr. says the abortion battle is driven by whites who fear a majority of minorities

–another Republican moron from Missouri spoke of “consensual” rape before apologizing

–Swedish prosecutors take first step to extradite Assange for sexual accusations

–challenges to facial recognition tools expand, as Amazon shareholders will vote on measure opposing sales of Rekognition to police

–last week, federal judge in San Francisco pressed FBI to release gag orders on old national security letters