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PBC News & Comment: Welcome Home, John Philip Walker Lindh!

The young man who was falsely tagged “the American Taliban” during the post-9/11 hysteria is due for release after 17 years….--defenders of Bush-era repression want Trump to block Lindh’s release, and the media amplifies their false claims

--listen to the real story—as told by his father in 2013—in this podcast

--Chelsea Manning’s re-jailing draws silence from corporate propaganda ministry

--corporate media also shows no interest in getting to the truth about their unproven claims that Syria used chemical nerve agents in Douma last year

--The Guardian reports that US-Iran tensions are declining, but AP report says they are increasing

--in Ukraine, former comedian is sworn in as president, dissolves Rada (parliament), calls for cease-fire with Russia and return of Crimea

--in US, protests of extreme abortion laws held in 500 locations, including Supreme Court

--after presenting a comical list of 10 demands, Kris Kobach is rejected for immigration czar post, which is going to Ken Cuccinelli

--in hilarious op-ed, Tufts professor skewers Kobach

--Theresa May has a new 10-point offer on Brexit, not as hilarious

--with 52,000 in immigration jails, TrumpCo defies limit set by Congress

--The Intercept has two important reports on abuse of solitary confinement in immigration prisons, here and here

--in snarky post, Tom Englehardt of TomDispatch comments on “American election exceptionalism”

--Facebook uses data from your cellphone carrier to deliver “actionable insights” to advertisers

--Trump 2020 campaign is biggest political spender on Facebook

--Trump lawyers quickly appeal ruling upholding House subpoena for financial records

--after McGahn ignores order to testify to House committee, more Democrats talk about impeachment, Pelosi still holding back

--Trump is upset that his State TV network, aka Fox “News”, is holding town halls with Democratic candidates, who aren’t afraid to bash Fox on Fox