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PBC News & Comment: Welcome Home, John Philip Walker Lindh!

The young man who was falsely tagged “the American Taliban” during the post-9/11 hysteria is due for release after 17 years….–defenders of Bush-era repression want Trump to block Lindh’s release, and the media amplifies their false claims

–listen to the real story—as told by his father in 2013—in this podcast

–Chelsea Manning’s re-jailing draws silence from corporate propaganda ministry

–corporate media also shows no interest in getting to the truth about their unproven claims that Syria used chemical nerve agents in Douma last year

The Guardian reports that US-Iran tensions are declining, but AP report says they are increasing

–in Ukraine, former comedian is sworn in as president, dissolves Rada (parliament), calls for cease-fire with Russia and return of Crimea

–in US, protests of extreme abortion laws held in 500 locations, including Supreme Court

–after presenting a comical list of 10 demands, Kris Kobach is rejected for immigration czar post, which is going to Ken Cuccinelli

–in hilarious op-ed, Tufts professor skewers Kobach

–Theresa May has a new 10-point offer on Brexit, not as hilarious

–with 52,000 in immigration jails, TrumpCo defies limit set by Congress

–The Intercept has two important reports on abuse of solitary confinement in immigration prisons, here and here

–in snarky post, Tom Englehardt of TomDispatch comments on “American election exceptionalism”

–Facebook uses data from your cellphone carrier to deliver “actionable insights” to advertisers

–Trump 2020 campaign is biggest political spender on Facebook

–Trump lawyers quickly appeal ruling upholding House subpoena for financial records

–after McGahn ignores order to testify to House committee, more Democrats talk about impeachment, Pelosi still holding back

–Trump is upset that his State TV network, aka Fox “News”, is holding town halls with Democratic candidates, who aren’t afraid to bash Fox on Fox