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PBC News & Comment: Trump’s Narcissist Hissy Fit Derails Meeting

At meeting with Congressional leaders about infrastructure, the Stable Genius throws tantrum and walks out, cuz Pelosi said “cover-up”….--and Pelosi talked about Trump’s cover-up in her efforts to avoid impeachment

--unsigned IRS legal memo contradicts Mnuchin’s lame claims, says IRS can’t dodge demands for 45’s tax returns

--AG Barr opens crack in Trump’s stonewall, agrees to deliver some Mueller report documents to Intelligence Committee

--Buzzfeed uses House Intel transcripts in effort to prove its January report that Cohen “was directed” to lie by Trump

--ICE is dumping families seeking asylum in southern California; some are flown to San Diego, others dropped at Greyhound station in San Bernardino

--NY Times runs uneven report on John Lindh’s pending release from prison, noting that he got longer incaceration than hundreds of Gitmo prisoners

--Miko Peled, son of an Israeli general, exposes apartheid justice as settlers accused of firebombing that killed 3 Palestinians get off easy

--in candid commentary, Israeli American journalist Mairaz Zonszein exposes the dehumanizing attacks on Rep. Ilhan Omar and other critics of Israel

--US investigates new allegation of Syrian use of chemical weapons, as new documents detail torture and death in Syrian prisons

--Trump administration considers sanctions on Chinese surveillance firm Hikvision, citing mass detention of Uighars, but trade war is probable reason

--controversy over San Francisco police raid on journalist continues, as top cop says reporter is a suspect in leaked police report

--brazen court-packing continues, as Senate confirms GOP lawyer to 9th Circuit Appeals Court, despite a deplorable record