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PBC News & Comment: New Book Says Mueller Drafted, Then Shelved, Obstruction Indictments of Trump

Michael Wolff’s new book says Robert Mueller wrote 3-count indictment of Trump for obstruction, quotes Trump in anti-Semitic comment…..--federal judge in Oakland blocks Trump plan to use Pentagon money to build The Wall

--the same excellent reporter, Bob Egelko, fleshed out my criticism of The Chronicle for defending local reporter while demonizing Assange and WiliLeaks

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria shows the tide is turning in Assange’s favor

--funnyman Lee Camp satirizes the attacks on Assange, listing 18 ways the WikiLeaks changed the world

--in EU elections, Greens show major gains while major parties decline, and some nationalists show growing strength, especially in Italy

--in Israel, ultra-orthodox party threatens Netanyahu’s effort to form a government, key vote is tomorrow, may prompt election rerun

--Texas Secretary of State is booted after attempt to purge 100,000 voters

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb exposes Microsoft’s dark alliance with DARPA and military contractors to control voting systems with “ElectionGuard” project

--in bizarre move, Supreme Court aborts part of Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence, but upholds irrational part about burying or cremating fetal remains

--on heals of unconstitutional abortion law, Missouri tries to close the only abortion clinic in the state

--Dem prez candidate Sen. Kamala Harris proposes new law enabling Justice Dept to regulate restrictive abortion laws

--in PBC interview, gang expert David Brotherton explains how murder rates dropped sharply in Ecuador after gangs were legalized

--neocon regime change visionary Bill Kristol owes us all an apology for supporting Iraq invasion, and Bernie Sanders called him on it