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PBC News & Comment: New Book Says Mueller Drafted, Then Shelved, Obstruction Indictments of Trump

Michael Wolff’s new book says Robert Mueller wrote 3-count indictment of Trump for obstruction, quotes Trump in anti-Semitic comment…..–federal judge in Oakland blocks Trump plan to use Pentagon money to build The Wall

–the same excellent reporter, Bob Egelko, fleshed out my criticism of The Chronicle for defending local reporter while demonizing Assange and WiliLeaks

–at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria shows the tide is turning in Assange’s favor

–funnyman Lee Camp satirizes the attacks on Assange, listing 18 ways the WikiLeaks changed the world

–in EU elections, Greens show major gains while major parties decline, and some nationalists show growing strength, especially in Italy

–in Israel, ultra-orthodox party threatens Netanyahu’s effort to form a government, key vote is tomorrow, may prompt election rerun

–Texas Secretary of State is booted after attempt to purge 100,000 voters

–at MintPress, Whitney Webb exposes Microsoft’s dark alliance with DARPA and military contractors to control voting systems with “ElectionGuard” project

–in bizarre move, Supreme Court aborts part of Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence, but upholds irrational part about burying or cremating fetal remains

–on heals of unconstitutional abortion law, Missouri tries to close the only abortion clinic in the state

–Dem prez candidate Sen. Kamala Harris proposes new law enabling Justice Dept to regulate restrictive abortion laws

–in PBC interview, gang expert David Brotherton explains how murder rates dropped sharply in Ecuador after gangs were legalized

–neocon regime change visionary Bill Kristol owes us all an apology for supporting Iraq invasion, and Bernie Sanders called him on it