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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Wakes Up To Threat From Assange Prosecution

As expected, the US added 17 charges under Espionage Act to indictment of Julian Assange, even Rachel Maddow now cares….–all the new charges relate to WikiLeaks’ distribution of materials leaked by Chelsea Manning, who should be immediately released

–at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola makes key points, including Manning’s status

–Caitlin Johnstone praises Rachel Maddow for finally recognizing the threat posed by prosecution of Assange

–James Risen snaps out of his Russiagate stupor to stand for press freedom

–also at The Intercept, Robert Mackey argues that the new charges may cause Britain to deny extradition

NY Times editorial expresses strong support for the press, less for Assange

The Guardian editors still have a grudge against Assange, saying Britain should send him to Sweden to face sex charges

–in the case of San Francisco police raid on journalist, The Chronicle stands tall for press freedom, while continuing to say Assange isn’t a journalist

–Trump gives sweeping powers to his personal attorney general to investigate FBI and intel agencies’ roles in 2016 investigations

–in new form of defiance of Congress, Trump threatens to use emergency powers to send billions of dollars of munitions to Saudi Arabia for war in Yemen

–if you can help NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller get treatment for chronic Lyme disease, click here

–Trump approves deployment of 1500 troops in Mideast

–Gareth Porter makes the case that the recent “threats” by Iran are concoctions of Israeli intelligence

–amid the false info about John Lindh, NY Times runs accurate op-ed by John Wray

–after protracted negotiations with Trump over Puerto Rico and wall funding, the House was going to pass disaster relief bill, but one GOP congressman blocked it

–it’s almost the end of May, and British PM Theresa May announced her plans to step down

–House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler passed out in New York today, perhaps from contemplating impeachment

–as Trump and Pelosi trade insults, Trump retweets doctored video that makes Crazy Nancy seem to slur her words