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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Wakes Up To Threat From Assange Prosecution

As expected, the US added 17 charges under Espionage Act to indictment of Julian Assange, even Rachel Maddow now cares….--all the new charges relate to WikiLeaks’ distribution of materials leaked by Chelsea Manning, who should be immediately released

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola makes key points, including Manning’s status

--Caitlin Johnstone praises Rachel Maddow for finally recognizing the threat posed by prosecution of Assange

--James Risen snaps out of his Russiagate stupor to stand for press freedom

--also at The Intercept, Robert Mackey argues that the new charges may cause Britain to deny extradition

--NY Times editorial expresses strong support for the press, less for Assange

--The Guardian editors still have a grudge against Assange, saying Britain should send him to Sweden to face sex charges

--in the case of San Francisco police raid on journalist, The Chronicle stands tall for press freedom, while continuing to say Assange isn’t a journalist

--Trump gives sweeping powers to his personal attorney general to investigate FBI and intel agencies’ roles in 2016 investigations

--in new form of defiance of Congress, Trump threatens to use emergency powers to send billions of dollars of munitions to Saudi Arabia for war in Yemen

--if you can help NYU Prof. Mark Crispin Miller get treatment for chronic Lyme disease, click here

--Trump approves deployment of 1500 troops in Mideast

--Gareth Porter makes the case that the recent “threats” by Iran are concoctions of Israeli intelligence

--amid the false info about John Lindh, NY Times runs accurate op-ed by John Wray

--after protracted negotiations with Trump over Puerto Rico and wall funding, the House was going to pass disaster relief bill, but one GOP congressman blocked it

--it’s almost the end of May, and British PM Theresa May announced her plans to step down

--House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler passed out in New York today, perhaps from contemplating impeachment

--as Trump and Pelosi trade insults, Trump retweets doctored video that makes Crazy Nancy seem to slur her words