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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Confirms His Limited-Hangout Investigation

St. Bob Mueller finally speaks in code, un-exonerating Trump, affirming evidence-free assertions, refusing to testify to Congress, that’s all, g’bye…..--with very little notice, Mueller gave 9-minute statement that explains little about the mysteries of his report, and says he will say no more

--admitting he never intended to indict Trump, he restated assertions of Russian hacking and Wikileaks distribution, with no public evidence

--using double negatives, he said Trump is not “not guilty”, and said people should read his damn report

--in commentary, Michael Tomasky promotes the St. Bob myth, and gets it wrong on several points

--and Buzzfeed offers irreverent take: Prof. Mueller scolded America for not doing the assigned reading

--latest excerpts from new Michael Wolff book quote Bannon on Trump: “not the billionaire he said he was, just another scumbag”

--Yasha Levine, Soviet Immigrant, shares the pain of Russiagates bigotry in personal commentary

--at The Guardian, Zaid Jilani backs Pelosi’s refusal to impeach, and he’s wrong

--GOP Rep. Justin Amash defends his calls on impeachment in Grand Rapids town hall

--Caitlin Johnstone reports that Julian Assange is seriously ill, has been moved to hospital wing at Belmarsh prison

--in detailed report, Kevin Gosztola explains the false conspiracy theory in Assange indictments that may explain an effort to get Manning to change her testimony

--The Intercept drops 4 new reports from the Snowden files, signaling that we won’t see any more Snowden files

--Baltimore and other cities have been hacked for ransom with tools stolen from NSA

--DNC sets new rules for debate access, to thin the herd of 2020 candidates

--election activists John Brakey and Susan Pynchon prove that the secret ballot is not sacrosanct in North Carolina and Texas

--at deadline, Israel’s Knesset is planning to dissolve, forcing new election

--Mitch McConnell proves all the nasty things we’ve said about him, telling town hall that he’d confirm a justice in 2020, despite his refusal with Merrick Garland in 2016

--in Memorial Day video at AAA ballpark, AOC was depicted as “enemy of freedom”

--rich adventurers who are climbing Mt. Everest on bucket list are dying due to “traffic jam”

--Oakland vigilantes have a new mission: filling potholes