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PBC News & Comment: Mueller Confirms His Limited-Hangout Investigation

St. Bob Mueller finally speaks in code, un-exonerating Trump, affirming evidence-free assertions, refusing to testify to Congress, that’s all, g’bye…..–with very little notice, Mueller gave 9-minute statement that explains little about the mysteries of his report, and says he will say no more

–admitting he never intended to indict Trump, he restated assertions of Russian hacking and Wikileaks distribution, with no public evidence

–using double negatives, he said Trump is not “not guilty”, and said people should read his damn report

–in commentary, Michael Tomasky promotes the St. Bob myth, and gets it wrong on several points

–and Buzzfeed offers irreverent take: Prof. Mueller scolded America for not doing the assigned reading

–latest excerpts from new Michael Wolff book quote Bannon on Trump: “not the billionaire he said he was, just another scumbag”

–Yasha Levine, Soviet Immigrant, shares the pain of Russiagates bigotry in personal commentary

–at The Guardian, Zaid Jilani backs Pelosi’s refusal to impeach, and he’s wrong

–GOP Rep. Justin Amash defends his calls on impeachment in Grand Rapids town hall

–Caitlin Johnstone reports that Julian Assange is seriously ill, has been moved to hospital wing at Belmarsh prison

–in detailed report, Kevin Gosztola explains the false conspiracy theory in Assange indictments that may explain an effort to get Manning to change her testimony

The Intercept drops 4 new reports from the Snowden files, signaling that we won’t see any more Snowden files

–Baltimore and other cities have been hacked for ransom with tools stolen from NSA

–DNC sets new rules for debate access, to thin the herd of 2020 candidates

–election activists John Brakey and Susan Pynchon prove that the secret ballot is not sacrosanct in North Carolina and Texas

–at deadline, Israel’s Knesset is planning to dissolve, forcing new election

–Mitch McConnell proves all the nasty things we’ve said about him, telling town hall that he’d confirm a justice in 2020, despite his refusal with Merrick Garland in 2016

–in Memorial Day video at AAA ballpark, AOC was depicted as “enemy of freedom”

–rich adventurers who are climbing Mt. Everest on bucket list are dying due to “traffic jam”

–Oakland vigilantes have a new mission: filling potholes