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PBC News & Comment: Mueller’s Cryptic Comments Spur Impeachment Calls

10 Dem Prez candidates and 40 House members support “impeachment inquiry” after Mueller statement; pundit says: Do Your Damned Duty!.....--Pelosi keeps her impeachment brakes on, but momentum is building

--NY Times opinion columnist Charles M. Blow blows his lid in this op-ed

--lawyer, FBI agent and whistleblower Coleen Rowley exposes the real Bob Mueller

--WashPost covers Fox “News” coverage of Mueller statement, notably ignoring Aaron Maté’s comments on Tucker Carlson’s show

--in comments in San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi rightly slams Facebook over doctored-video smear, then claims it proves FB was “willing enabler” of Russian meddling

--Trump tweets, then deletes, comment “I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected”

--Trump likes the idea that his fearful toadies ordered the Navy to keep the USS McCain out of the Don’s view in Japan, but says he didn’t know about it

--estranged daughter of GOP gerrymandering whiz Thomas Hofeller reveals her dead dad’s scheme to use census citizenship data for more gerrymandering

--after 500 tornadoes in 13 straight days from Ohio to Oklahoma, weather improves but flooding continues

--Trump administration launches new round of attacks on climate science

--PBC’s latest audio and video podcast features architect Vanessa Keith, who delivers a “Ted talk” on her vision for human adaptation to climate change

--unable to form a new government, Netanyahu prepares for election re-run, and Crown Prince Jared’s peace plan will likely be shelved, again

--well-connect Kushner family business gets $800 million federal loan guarantee

--John Bolton keeps making dire threats to Iran, says he will share evidence of Iranian attacks at UN next week as Trump undercuts him

--at The Intercept, Trevor Aaronson examines fears of “terrorist recidivism” driven by the release of John Lindh last week

--New Hampshire legislature overrides veto to abolish death penalty