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PBC News & Comment: Trump Slaps Tariffs on Mexican Imports, Americans Will Pay

In latest irrational move, Trump threatens tariffs rising to 25% on Mexican imports, another form of collective punishment, hostage-taking…..--his arbitrary, emotional threat does not appear to be legal, and there are many reasons that show it will harm US economy, as WashPost reports

--Mexican President AMLO walks tightrope, trying to avoid confrontation with Trump

--after lightning appeal from TrumpCo, Oakland judge instantly rejects request to allow border wall construction with Pentagon money

--trying to hold on to farm votes in states hammered by China trade war, Trump defies the law and lifts summertime ban on ethanol

--Trump’s unholy alliance with religious extremists leads to possible closure of last abortion clinic in Missouri tonight

--Rob Schenk, a minister who long advocated against abortion, says overturning Roe v. Wade would not be “pro-life”

--UN expert says Julian Assange displays symptoms of psychological torture, as Kevin Gosztola reports

--investigative reporter Derek Seidman exposes cynical effort by oil industry for a corporate-friendly carbon tax

--in pro-Russiagate spin job, WashPost’s Philip Bump argues with AG Barr about investigating the FBI investigation

--Iraq/Afghan war vet Danny Sjursen slams Bolton’s “troika of tyranny”

--as talks in Norway between reps for Maduro and Guaido end, Jeff Faux at The Nation asks why Dems are supporting Trump on Venezuela

--the war in Syria grinds on, as Assad forces bomb Idlib province and at least 250,000 are displaced

--Kim Jong-un has sacked his top negotiator, rumors say he could be in labor camp and that colleagues may have been executed

--14 Dem prez candidates will be in San Francisco for state party confab, as new debate rules cause anxiety for lower-tier candidates