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PBC News & Comment: As Trump Visits, We Apologize to Great Britain

As Air Force One was landing, Trump tweeted insults to the Muslim mayor of London, proving that wealth doesn’t insure class….--Mexico’s new president, AMLO, shows real class and dignity in letter responding to Trump’s latest tariff threats

--ICE stacks 900 migrants in a cell with max capacity of 125, gruesome treatment for people who Trump views as disposable, based on racism and classism

--The Intercept covers the fate of migrants being dumped by ICE at Greyhound stations

--expect fireworks, as government lawyers defy Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order to release transcript of Mike Flynn’s wiretapped phone call with Russian ambassador

--state judge in Missouri issued order on Friday to block the closure of state’s last remaining abortion clinic in St. Louis

--corporate media give decent coverage to UN torture expert’s report on Julian Assange’s deteriorating condition

--Politico reports that Assange will not be charged for leak of CIA hacking tools called Vault 7

--Chelsea Manning’s lawyers file briefs challenging judge’s threat of fines, and her continuing incarceration, Shadowproof reports 

--at ConsortiumNews, Jonathan Cook explains why the Swedish “rape” charges are bogus

--in new PBC podcast at WhoWhatWhy, reporter David Daley exposes the lavish fundraising and spending of Ways & Means chair Richard Neal

--NY Times bosses blacklist Rachel Maddow, telling reporters she’s “too partisan” after years of tight collusion on Russiagate, Vanity Fair reports

--14 Dem prez candidates swarmed on state party convention in SF, trying to break away from the pack; Hickenlooper used SF as backdrop for anti-socialism comment

--Sen. Elizabeth Warren is gaining traction for her emphasis on policy plans, like breaking up the tech giants

--and Julian Castro gets credit for tackling crimes by cops, as BUzzfeed exposes racist and cruel Facebook posts by cops

--San Francisco police scandal deepens with revelation that cops wiretapped reporter 2 months before the illegal raid