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PBC News & Comment: As Trump Visits, We Apologize to Great Britain

As Air Force One was landing, Trump tweeted insults to the Muslim mayor of London, proving that wealth doesn’t insure class….–Mexico’s new president, AMLO, shows real class and dignity in letter responding to Trump’s latest tariff threats

–ICE stacks 900 migrants in a cell with max capacity of 125, gruesome treatment for people who Trump views as disposable, based on racism and classism

The Intercept covers the fate of migrants being dumped by ICE at Greyhound stations

–expect fireworks, as government lawyers defy Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order to release transcript of Mike Flynn’s wiretapped phone call with Russian ambassador

–state judge in Missouri issued order on Friday to block the closure of state’s last remaining abortion clinic in St. Louis

–corporate media give decent coverage to UN torture expert’s report on Julian Assange’s deteriorating condition

Politico reports that Assange will not be charged for leak of CIA hacking tools called Vault 7

–Chelsea Manning’s lawyers file briefs challenging judge’s threat of fines, and her continuing incarceration, Shadowproof reports 

–at ConsortiumNews, Jonathan Cook explains why the Swedish “rape” charges are bogus

–in new PBC podcast at WhoWhatWhy, reporter David Daley exposes the lavish fundraising and spending of Ways & Means chair Richard Neal

NY Times bosses blacklist Rachel Maddow, telling reporters she’s “too partisan” after years of tight collusion on Russiagate, Vanity Fair reports

–14 Dem prez candidates swarmed on state party convention in SF, trying to break away from the pack; Hickenlooper used SF as backdrop for anti-socialism comment

–Sen. Elizabeth Warren is gaining traction for her emphasis on policy plans, like breaking up the tech giants

–and Julian Castro gets credit for tackling crimes by cops, as BUzzfeed exposes racist and cruel Facebook posts by cops

–San Francisco police scandal deepens with revelation that cops wiretapped reporter 2 months before the illegal raid