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PBC News & Comment: Mexico Scrambles to Meet a Bully’s Vague Demands

Trump plays bad cop holding Mexico hostage to unspecified conditions to avoid threatened tariffs, as AMLO deploys troops to Guatemala border….–Mexico has little choice but to submit to the tyrant, AMLO will hold rally Saturday at Tijuana border

–6 migrants died in high speed chase with Border patrol in south Texas

–adding some drama to her allergy to impeachment, Pelosi says she’d rather see Trump in prison as Nadler presses to start impeachment inquiry

WashPost analyst Aaron Blake makes good points about the fantasy of Trump in prison

–at The Nation, Aaron Maté says it’s time to move on from Mueller report

–Beto O’Rourke lays out some policy that’s similar to Warren’s: he calls for voting rights enforcement, term limits for Congress and Supreme Court

–Sen. Warren gave a strong performance in MSNBC town hall, showing command of the issues and willingness to smack Biden over abortion rights

–in more pandering to pro-birthers, Trump administration blocks funding for medical research using fetal material from abortions

–in video statement to American Jewish Committee, Bernie Sanders makes his strongest statement to date on Israel

–in PBC’s first interview with retired Army Maj. Danny Sjursen, the author and commentator rejects the use of anti-Semitism label to silence Israel critics

–as DNC rejects Gov. Inslee’s request for debate focused on climate change, and threatens to exclude him if he goes around the party bosses

–in lengthy, powerful essay, Dahr Jamail reports that Arctic ice is melting so fast that scientists are losing their measuring instruments

–recent poll shows that climate change is move divisive than abortion

–federal judge who rejected claims about census question on citizenship says new evidence is “serious” but he won’t rock the SCOTUS boat

–as R. Kelly faces more charges, Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis deserves credit for exposing the cult

–the report that went viral about a 17-year-old Dutch girl being euthanized was fake news, promoted by British tabloid

The Guardian laments the death of small town American radio stations