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PBC News & Comment: Mexico Scrambles to Meet a Bully’s Vague Demands

Trump plays bad cop holding Mexico hostage to unspecified conditions to avoid threatened tariffs, as AMLO deploys troops to Guatemala border….--Mexico has little choice but to submit to the tyrant, AMLO will hold rally Saturday at Tijuana border

--6 migrants died in high speed chase with Border patrol in south Texas

--adding some drama to her allergy to impeachment, Pelosi says she’d rather see Trump in prison as Nadler presses to start impeachment inquiry

--WashPost analyst Aaron Blake makes good points about the fantasy of Trump in prison

--at The Nation, Aaron Maté says it’s time to move on from Mueller report

--Beto O’Rourke lays out some policy that’s similar to Warren’s: he calls for voting rights enforcement, term limits for Congress and Supreme Court

--Sen. Warren gave a strong performance in MSNBC town hall, showing command of the issues and willingness to smack Biden over abortion rights

--in more pandering to pro-birthers, Trump administration blocks funding for medical research using fetal material from abortions

--in video statement to American Jewish Committee, Bernie Sanders makes his strongest statement to date on Israel

--in PBC’s first interview with retired Army Maj. Danny Sjursen, the author and commentator rejects the use of anti-Semitism label to silence Israel critics

--as DNC rejects Gov. Inslee’s request for debate focused on climate change, and threatens to exclude him if he goes around the party bosses

--in lengthy, powerful essay, Dahr Jamail reports that Arctic ice is melting so fast that scientists are losing their measuring instruments

--recent poll shows that climate change is move divisive than abortion

--federal judge who rejected claims about census question on citizenship says new evidence is “serious” but he won’t rock the SCOTUS boat

--as R. Kelly faces more charges, Chicago Sun-Times music critic Jim DeRogatis deserves credit for exposing the cult

--the report that went viral about a 17-year-old Dutch girl being euthanized was fake news, promoted by British tabloid

--The Guardian laments the death of small town American radio stations