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PBC News & Comment: Cost of Trump’s Trade Wars Climbs Past $400 Billion

IMF, big promoter of predatory capitalism and free trade, says “self-inflicted wounds” cost $455 billion worldwide, tells Trump to stop….--IMF boss Christine Lagarde lectures Trump, as Fed chair Powell tips rescue plans if Trump’s arbitrary tariffs lead to recession

--hints that Trump is just bluffing about new, escalating tariffs on Mexican imports surface as VP Pence meets with Mexico’s foreign minister

--Mexico has already buckled to Trump’s bullying, deporting 80,000 migrants since January, and accepting 9,000 people who await asylum decisions

--citing budget strain, Trump administration cuts education, exercise and legal visits for unaccompanied child migrants

--in Honduras, protests continue against president accused of corruption; Juan Hernandez was installed by Obama and Clinton after 2009 coup took down Zelaya

--protesters in Prague object to appointment of justice minister they expect to block investigation of billionaire prime minister Babis

--Trump’s meddling in British prime minister succession is compared to The Apprentice

--Trump tells his buddy Piers Morgan—who was a winner on The Apprentice—the he prefers talking with Iran over military action

--Pelosi’s latest dodge is that people confuse impeachment with removal

--NY Times posts draft impeachment documents, cut and pasted from Nixon and Clinton episodes

--responding to Buzzfeed FOIA lawsuit, Justice Dept. refuses to remove more redactions from Mueller report

--at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports that FBI has not adequately tested facial recognition systems and can’t estimate error rates

--and in a Medium post yesterday, Gosztola explains how Chelsea Manning is trying to abolish US grand jury system in her refusal to testify

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria reports on alarming Australian crackdowns on journalists, and cites pattern since Assange was arrested

--déjà vu: Joe Biden blames staffers for plagiarizing climate change plan, as the candidate fends off questions about incarceration and the Hyde Amendment

--tech giants gang up on Amazon in fight over $10 billion Pentagon contract

--Mrs. Mitch McConnell wants to make pipeline protesting a federal crime, using ALEC draft bill with 20-year sentence

--after NY Times and New York Magazine smeared Bernie Sanders for supporting the Sandinistas in the 1980’s, journalist Jonathan Katz exposes bias, ignorance

--channeling Chevy Chase, we report that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead, still buried in same tomb