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PBC News & Comment: More Online Censorship Looms with The Trust Project

Tech and social media giants fund new censorship effort that declares corporate media trustworthy, turns algorithms against most independent media….–Whitney Webb’s MintPress report is here

–Dem prez candidates talk about breaking up big tech, as they take donations from big tech

–and a Googler who led protests has quit, citing retaliation

–Russian and US Navy ships blame each other for near-collision off the Philippines

NY Times rails against Aussie crackdown on reporters this week

–British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who hopes to succeed May, says he would allow extradition of Assange

–Russian police arrest and beat investigative reporter

–enjoying his humiliation of Mexico, Trump signals that he may relent on tariff threat

–cruelty to migrants is the standard, as visas are denied for lifesaving bone marrow transplant and ICE inspector reports deplorable conditions in jails

–in provocative op-ed, Suketu Mehta demands immigration rights as reparations for America’s role in ruining their countries

–Flynn’s prosecutors honor court order to release threatening voicemail, but no word on their refusal to unredact Mueller report

–new report shows Mueller ignored information that Konstantin Kilimnik was longtime State Dept informant

–FBI sets up, then knocks down another would-be domestic terrorist

–Trump’s “emergency order” to replenish Saudi arms also enables Raytheon to build bombs in Saudi Arabia

–Danny Sjursen, guest on our most recent podcast, slams Trump over pardons for war criminals

–NASA goes commercial, will let operators rent bunks in International Space Station

–Dr. John, the colorful New Orleans musician, dies at 77.  One of PBC’s favorite recent albums is here