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PBC News & Comment: California Wildfire Season Underway, Gringo Bully Backs Down on Tariffs

Marking 10 years of podcasting this week, PBC comments on wildfires, Randy Hayes’s New Green Deal, Trump reversal on Mexican tariffs….–wildfires break out in northern and southern California, one day after federal judge escorted PG&E execs on tour of Paradise, torched by faulty 98-year-old transmission line

–in new interview podcast at WhoWhatWhy, Randy Hayes outlines 7-point plan to address climate change

–as your humble host suspected, Trump was just f**king with Mexico, and the deal to avert his threat of tariffs is mostly rehash of existing agreements

–tweeting praise for ending self-induced “crisis”, Trump lashes out at NY Times

–former WTO chief echoes your humble host, calls Trump gambit “hostage taking”

–DHS Inspector General retires after delivering rosy reports on FEMA

–in blistering commentary, Jonathan M. Katz argues that our immigrant detention facilities should be called concentration camps

–Trump’s all-fronts trade war is already costing jobs and creating uncertainty in US

–at Russia-China summit, Putin offers ominous warning, as Xi floats metaphor of fur coat with fleas

–in fresh PBC interview, Lee Camp says Julian Assange is the “dick” whose exposure of secrets changed the world in 18 ways

–at The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald and team drop 3-story blockbuster about the election scheme that brought right-winger Bolsonaro to power in Brazil

–at Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi says the YouTube and Facebook purges are alarming

–in latest gift to Netanyahu, Trump’s ambassador says Israel has the right to annex at least part of West Bank

–Sens. Sanders, Warren, Feinstein(!) and others introduce resolution against any annexation without negotiation

–Supreme Court rejects the case of Yemeni man held at Gitmo 17 years without charge or trial

–Dems back down on contempt vote for AG Barr, after he agrees to deliver evidence from Mueller report

–pundit Jamelle Bouie warns Pelosi and Schumer of the risks of ignoring the Dem base on impeachment