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PBC News & Comment: Jury Refuses to Convict Good Samaritan Who Helped Migrants

Scott Warren was accused of giving water, food and shelter to migrants near Arizona-Mexico border, jury deadlocked on conspiracy charges…--Warren, a college instructor, faced 20 years in prison, and is a member of humanitarian aid group No More Deaths

--in over 20 locations in NYC, chain link cages with dummies of children are intended to provoke

--WashPost lensman scored close-up of the cheat sheet that Trump pulled out yesterday as a prop for his secret deal with Mexico

--in Hong Kong, protests turn violent on 4th day of action opposing new law allowing extraditions to mainland China

--retired Army major Danny Sjursen, our recent interview guest, offers a soldier’s defense of Assange and Manning

--at ConsortiumNews, Daniel Lazare asks: why didn’t Mueller investigate Seth Rich?

--in fresh, in-depth interview, journalist and author Yasha Levine talks about the impact of Russiagate on Soviet Jewish emigres like himself

--also at ConsortiumNews, John Kiriakou says the Beltway rumor mill reports that John Bolton may be sacked as National Security Advisor

--recent polling shows Trump could be beaten by Biden, Sanders, Harris, Warren, Buttigieg or even Booker

--another poll shows that 40% of Americans aren’t afraid of socialism

--Bernie the Socialist Democrat will try again to define his brand of socialism in speech at George Washington U tonight

--in wake of The Intercept’s investigation of more corruption in Brazil, Sanders calls for release of Lula

--the continued flooding of the Mississippi basin will produce larger “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico this year

--oil giant BP—which was responsible for the Gulf oil platform blowout in 2010—releases new study showing how extreme weather events lead to more carbon burning

--this chart shows who’s been funding climate change denial efforts

--in payback for doctored Pelosi video, activists release deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg

--NY Times bans political cartoons, and it’s no laughing matter