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PBC News & Comment: Will Trump Hit Israel with Tariffs?

Marking 10 years of podcasting this week: American tech giants offshore lucrative jobs to Israel and lay off thousands in USObserving our 10th year podcasting, we invite listeners to check in by email to where are you, how long have you been listening, and why do you choose PBC from the millions of podcasts available?

–Whitney Webb breaks the story at MintPress, reporting that billionaire vulture capitalist Paul Singer is a driving force

NY Times reports that 33,000 American Jews will take Birthright trip to Israel this summer, and some are expected to protest treatment of Palestinians

–Mexico is confirming some of Trump’s claims about immigration “deal”, buttressing his attacks on NY Times coverage

-at Shadowproof, Kevin Gosztola reports more cruel treatment of immigrants

–Border Patrol contractor was hacked, exposing photos of about 100,000 people who entered US at unnamed port of entry

–Facebook quietly disable search features that have been used to nail war criminals, Buzzfeed reports

–former Daily Show host Jon Stewart delivers tirade to members of Judiciary Committee who didn’t show up for hearing with 9/11 first responders

–Planned Parenthood’s St. Louis abortion clinic stays open under federal court order

–as Biden and Trump parachute in to different parts of Iowa, both go on the attack

–at The Intercept, Lee Fang contradicts Sen. Kamala Harris’ claims of fighting for sex assault survivors, as she ignored cases of predatory priests in San Francisco

WashPost dives deep on NRA scandal, exposing insider dealing by board members

–NY Times deserves credit for follow-up story on SCOTUS refusal to hear case of Guantanamo “forever” prisoner from Yemen

–after protest by Moscow newspapers, Russia releases journalist Ivan Golunov

–at ConsortiumNews, Pepe Escobar reports on the Putin-Xi summit and an alliance that’s strengthened by Trump’s antics