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PBC News & Comment: Bernie Sanders Redefines Democratic Socialism

In strong speech, Sen. Sanders contrasts his brand of democratic socialism with Trump’s socialism for corporations and top one percent….Note: for those keeping score, this is podcast 2,600!

--Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola offers great coverage

and at Jacobin, Meagan Day offers perspectives from a “pure” socialist view

--analysis of Iowa polls shows weak support for Biden in early states

--new, more serious attacks on tankers in Gulf of Oman heighten risks of the war with Iran John Bolton is trying to provoke

--America’s endless wars have spewed millions of tons of carbon, according to new report from Brown University’s “Cost of War” project

--MintPress offers different angle on Hong Kong protests, which appear to be fueled by our National Endowment for Democracy

--protests continue in Moscow over arrest of journalist, since released

--Grayzone reports that protests in Honduras are response to US-backed austerity programs and corruption under US-backed President Hernandez

--as Britain’s Home Secretary signs extradition papers, Assange is set for first of many court proceedings tomorrow, after visit from Ai WeiWei and Assange’s father

--House Intel issues subpoenas for Mike Flynn and Rick Gates as Oversight committee issues contempt citations for AG Barr and Commerce Secty Ross

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern invests in Bill Barr’s investigation of the Mueller investigation

--IG reveals that FBI lost track of 62 foreign assets in the US

--misdirected protests against Memphis police after US Marshalls shoot and kill wanted man

--report from “expert” who exonerates cops shows that Vallejo, CA police shot snoozing rapper 55 times in 3.5 seconds

--Dems pounce on Trump after he tells ABC he would accept opposition research from Norway

--watchdog bites Kellyanne Conway for repeated violations of the Hatch Act

--NBA’s Golden State Warriors struggle in playoffs, play last game in Oakland tonight