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PBC News & Comment: Bernie Sanders Redefines Democratic Socialism

In strong speech, Sen. Sanders contrasts his brand of democratic socialism with Trump’s socialism for corporations and top one percent….Note: for those keeping score, this is podcast 2,600!

Shadowproof’s Kevin Gosztola offers great coverage

and at Jacobin, Meagan Day offers perspectives from a “pure” socialist view

–analysis of Iowa polls shows weak support for Biden in early states

–new, more serious attacks on tankers in Gulf of Oman heighten risks of the war with Iran John Bolton is trying to provoke

–America’s endless wars have spewed millions of tons of carbon, according to new report from Brown University’s “Cost of War” project

MintPress offers different angle on Hong Kong protests, which appear to be fueled by our National Endowment for Democracy

–protests continue in Moscow over arrest of journalist, since released

Grayzone reports that protests in Honduras are response to US-backed austerity programs and corruption under US-backed President Hernandez

–as Britain’s Home Secretary signs extradition papers, Assange is set for first of many court proceedings tomorrow, after visit from Ai WeiWei and Assange’s father

–House Intel issues subpoenas for Mike Flynn and Rick Gates as Oversight committee issues contempt citations for AG Barr and Commerce Secty Ross

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern invests in Bill Barr’s investigation of the Mueller investigation

–IG reveals that FBI lost track of 62 foreign assets in the US

–misdirected protests against Memphis police after US Marshalls shoot and kill wanted man

–report from “expert” who exonerates cops shows that Vallejo, CA police shot snoozing rapper 55 times in 3.5 seconds

–Dems pounce on Trump after he tells ABC he would accept opposition research from Norway

–watchdog bites Kellyanne Conway for repeated violations of the Hatch Act

–NBA’s Golden State Warriors struggle in playoffs, play last game in Oakland tonight