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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Discover Skepticism of US Intel on Tanker Hits

Trump joins Pompeo in fact-free claims that Iran hit oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, media apply some rare skepticism….–using Israeli propaganda tactics, US firmly fingers Iran, using video to support claims of attack by torpedoes or mines in the water

NY Times cites distrust in Europe, based on the Iraq experience

–Rachel Maddow, who has shown zero skepticism of intel and government sources on Russiagate and Venezuela, trots out Susan Rice to demand evidence

–the leaderless, rudderless UK government sides with America

–the Japanese owner of one of the ships rejects claims of mines or torpedoes, says crew witnessed “flying objects” hit their ship, CBS News reports

–at Grayzone, Ben Norton files a good report

–and The Intercept reports Pompeo thinks Congressional approval for war with Iran isn’t needed

–British court sets Assange extradition hearing 8 months away, February 2020

–Sarah Huckabee Sanders will resign to spend more time lying around the house (not original, but don’t know who said it first)

–record warm temperatures set new records for ice melts in Greenland and the Arctic, where permafrost is melting and releasing more carbon

–DNC splits huge candidate pool into 2 groups for debates, Warren will head up the kids’ table

–Trump does damage control with his Fox-y-Friends, backpedaling on how he would handle that campaign dirt from Norway

–federal appeals court firmly rejects TrumpCo efforts to block migrants, including teens, from getting an abortion while in US custody

–Rep. Duncan Hunter’s wife pleads guilty to spending campaign money on personal expenses, leaving her husband twisting in the wind

–Hong Kong protesters experience tech warfare from mainland China

–Facebook lawyer claims that even clicking “like” on FB ends your expectation of privacy