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PBC News & Comment: Corporate Media Discover Skepticism of US Intel on Tanker Hits

Trump joins Pompeo in fact-free claims that Iran hit oil tankers in Gulf of Oman, media apply some rare skepticism….--using Israeli propaganda tactics, US firmly fingers Iran, using video to support claims of attack by torpedoes or mines in the water

--NY Times cites distrust in Europe, based on the Iraq experience

--Rachel Maddow, who has shown zero skepticism of intel and government sources on Russiagate and Venezuela, trots out Susan Rice to demand evidence

--the leaderless, rudderless UK government sides with America

--the Japanese owner of one of the ships rejects claims of mines or torpedoes, says crew witnessed “flying objects” hit their ship, CBS News reports

--at Grayzone, Ben Norton files a good report

--and The Intercept reports Pompeo thinks Congressional approval for war with Iran isn’t needed

--British court sets Assange extradition hearing 8 months away, February 2020

--Sarah Huckabee Sanders will resign to spend more time lying around the house (not original, but don’t know who said it first)

--record warm temperatures set new records for ice melts in Greenland and the Arctic, where permafrost is melting and releasing more carbon

--DNC splits huge candidate pool into 2 groups for debates, Warren will head up the kids’ table

--Trump does damage control with his Fox-y-Friends, backpedaling on how he would handle that campaign dirt from Norway

--federal appeals court firmly rejects TrumpCo efforts to block migrants, including teens, from getting an abortion while in US custody

--Rep. Duncan Hunter’s wife pleads guilty to spending campaign money on personal expenses, leaving her husband twisting in the wind

--Hong Kong protesters experience tech warfare from mainland China

--Facebook lawyer claims that even clicking “like” on FB ends your expectation of privacy