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PBC News & Comment: Arctic Permafrost Melting 70 Years Sooner Than Predicted

Alarming new data from Canadian Arctic send chilling signals about global warming and seem to validate Guy McPherson’s dire predictions….--read the report here

--Trump names another former defense contractor exec as acting Defense Secretary after Shanahan withdraws over 10-year-old domestic violence events

--Trump’s bullying of Mexico sends bad messages to Iran, Europe

--President Hassan Rouhani, says Iran won’t wage war on any nation

--Danny Sjursen urges you to be skeptical of alleged naval provocations

--to keep MBS happy, Mike Pompeo blocks addition of Saudi Arabia to list of countries that use child soldiers

--in Yemen, Houthi rebels have shot down 4 US drones since January, evidence that US is more deeply involved than is admitted

--Craig Murray challenges the claims that Iran hit the tankers, and a few other defects in “western democracy”

--compulsively tweeting, Trump tips plan for domestic roundup of immigrants for deportation

--Reps. Katie Porter and Tom Malinowski are first swing-district freshman to support impeachment, the people Pelosi is trying to protect by avoiding it

--those “fetal heartbeat” abortion bans passing in red states are the result of gerrymandering, reports The Guardian

--bankers seek stimulus as Trump trade wars and other factors produce signs of recession

--Trump and Xi will meet at G20 in Osaka next week

--Facebook will launch Libra next year, a cryptocurrency payment system

--ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s death sentence was technically overturned, but his death in court yesterday was not surprising, says Mona Eltahawy

--indy media outlets MintPress and GrayzoneProject scoop the corporate media with reports of corruption and fraud by Guaido’s top people

--in WashPost op-ed, Katrina vanden Heuvel urges Dem debate moderators to bring out the differences on foreign policy

-- AOC draws tweets from Liz Cheney and Amazon