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PBC News & Comment: Is TrumpCo Planning ‘Shock and Awe” for Iran?

Ignoring many obvious risks, Mike Pompeo is leading Trumpers into conflict, as rumors surface of plan for “massive” attack on nuke complex….–Caitlin Johnstone is monitoring the reports

–after bullying Mexico on migration, Trump seems to think he can bluff Iran without major consequences

–with no Pentagon leader, Pompeo is in the driver’s seat, and he keeps hinting that 2011 AUMF allows attack on Iran; many Dems, and some Repubs disagree

–UK, France and Germany are trying to save the Iran agreement

–Pentagon trots out explosives expert who claims evidence on attacked tanker has “striking resemblance” to Iranian limpet mines

–last year’s chemical incident in Douma, which US blamed on Syria, gets thorough review by Aaron Maté at Grayzone

–new acting defense secretary Mark Esper, former Raytheon exec and lobbyist, only got 2 hours’ notice of his elevation

–UN report on Khashoggi assassination shows careful planning and holds Saudi State responsible

–Dutch prosecutor indicts individuals and says he has more evidence in shootdown of MH-17: can he prove that Russia was responsible?

–at MintPress, a detailed review of the UN torture expert’s comments about Assange

–as AOC continues to hammer border “concentration camps”, Speaker Pelosi warns Dems to choose their words wisely

–federal appeals panel doesn’t call them “concentration camps”, but slams administration for claiming it’s OK to deny minors basic necessities

–Pelosi also dismissed censure for Trump, suggesting impeachment is the right effort, “if the goods are there”

–California Gov. Newsom makes formal apology to Native Americans for genocide

–House holds hearings on reparations for slavery, and James Kidd at WhoWhatWhy provides good background

–UN says world population, now 7.7 billion, could hit 11 billion by 2100 and reports that 70 million are now displaced, a new world record

–Trump kicks off 2020 campaign with mob rally in Orlando, where he spewed lies and attack lines

–Trump uses “both sides” lingo when asked if he wants to correct his lies about the Central Park 5