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PBC News & Comment: Tensions Build As Iran Downs US Drone

Iran says it shot down the American drone in its airspace today, while US maintains it was in international territory….–Threats abound as Trump/Bolton war scheme moves forward

–Senate votes to block Trump’s “emergency” arms sales to Saudi, with 7 Republicans joining most Democrats; but Trump can veto the resolution

NY Times analyst Max Fisher uses a parade of experts to make the case that Trump has blocked all peaceful ways that Iran could respond

–at MintPress, journalist Nafeez Ahmed musters evidence and argument showing the “limpet mine” claims are ridiculous

NY Times columnist Nick Kristof wants you to know he hates Iran—he was imprisoned there—but he calls for diplomacy, not war

–in the House, the “resistance party” joined with Republicans to block reasonable changes to domestic surveillance in the Amash-Lofgren amendment

–new ICE boss echoes Trump threats to deport immigrant families

Esquire reporter Jack Holmes cites experts to confirm that US is operating concentration camps at border

–Holmes posted a report last week that outlines the brazen corruption of Trump and his businesses, which are enriched by Saudis and others

–it’s a firing squad at the NRA, where #2 Chris Cox is accused of supporting Ollie North’s failed coup aimed at Wayne LaPierre

–in ugly ruling, federal appeals court upholds “gag rule” aimed at crippling Planned Parenthood

–as Canadian PM Trudeau visits White House, critics hammer him on Venezuela and hypocrisy on climate change

–EPA Director and former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler rolls out new, coal-friendly climate rules

–Kevin Gosztola reports on Earthworks study showing increased hazardous waste from oil and gas production

–climate change will add to class struggle, as decisions are made on which low-lying communities will be protected

–the Biden gaffe machine struck again, as Uncle Joe talks about his civil relationships with segregationist senators