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PBC News & Comment: Tensions Build As Iran Downs US Drone

Iran says it shot down the American drone in its airspace today, while US maintains it was in international territory….--Threats abound as Trump/Bolton war scheme moves forward

--Senate votes to block Trump’s “emergency” arms sales to Saudi, with 7 Republicans joining most Democrats; but Trump can veto the resolution

--NY Times analyst Max Fisher uses a parade of experts to make the case that Trump has blocked all peaceful ways that Iran could respond

--at MintPress, journalist Nafeez Ahmed musters evidence and argument showing the “limpet mine” claims are ridiculous

--NY Times columnist Nick Kristof wants you to know he hates Iran—he was imprisoned there—but he calls for diplomacy, not war

--in the House, the “resistance party” joined with Republicans to block reasonable changes to domestic surveillance in the Amash-Lofgren amendment

--new ICE boss echoes Trump threats to deport immigrant families

--Esquire reporter Jack Holmes cites experts to confirm that US is operating concentration camps at border

--Holmes posted a report last week that outlines the brazen corruption of Trump and his businesses, which are enriched by Saudis and others

--it’s a firing squad at the NRA, where #2 Chris Cox is accused of supporting Ollie North’s failed coup aimed at Wayne LaPierre

--in ugly ruling, federal appeals court upholds “gag rule” aimed at crippling Planned Parenthood

--as Canadian PM Trudeau visits White House, critics hammer him on Venezuela and hypocrisy on climate change

--EPA Director and former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler rolls out new, coal-friendly climate rules

--Kevin Gosztola reports on Earthworks study showing increased hazardous waste from oil and gas production

--climate change will add to class struggle, as decisions are made on which low-lying communities will be protected

--the Biden gaffe machine struck again, as Uncle Joe talks about his civil relationships with segregationist senators