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PBC News & Comment: As Trump Smears The Squad, CNN Smears Assange

Ignoring facts while pandering to ignorant Americans, Trump claims The Squad hates America, CNN adds fresh lies to Russiagate narrative….--the CNN report is here

--Caitlin Johnstone’s takedown of the CNN story is here

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern says Mueller delayed testimony after DC federal court slams Mueller for promoting inferences as fact

--new lawsuit related to Seth Rich murder asserts that reporter Ellen Ratner met with Assange, who told her that Seth Rich and brother Aaron leaked DNC data

--still trapped in the crossfire, Chelsea Manning’s contempt fines increase to $1,000 per day

--even before his racist attacks on The Squad, Fox “News” reported last Thursday on a bizarre tweet from Individual 1

--The Squad forcefully rejected Trump’s assaults, as Trump allies scramble to spin his outrageous comments as somehow acceptable

--Biden tries to counter Medicare for All with Obamacare plus public option, which fails politically and practically

--quarterly fundraising reports favor Biden, Sanders, Warren, Harris and Buttigieg

--Puerto Ricans protest Gov. Rossello’s offensive chat messages for third day

--in Jeffrey Epstein coverage, NY Times widens focus to include Ghislaine Maxwell as Epstein’s procurer of underage girls, but avoids the intel angle

--federal judge in San Francisco Roundup case upholds verdict against Monsanto while reducing punitive damages award