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PBC News & Comment: How Will Pelosi Kill Latest Impeachment Bid?

Dems struggle to unite in condemning Trump’s racist tweets, as Rep. Al Green throws down new impeachment resolution, upsetting ConservaDems….--in Guardian op-ed, Jonathan Freedland outlines the tough choices: politics, or morality?

--afraid to face Trump’s Twitter firing squad, most Republicans go silent or offer ridiculous rationalizations

--WashPost article points out that the latest hate storm will be used against Trump in court cases

--as expected, multiple lawsuits have been filed to challenge new asylum rules

--Buzzfeed quotes unnamed asylum officer who says she won’t carry out illegal orders

--after less than a year running Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen is fired by the board

--Bernie Sanders challenges his Dem rivals to reject contributions from health care and pharma industries

--as scripted, El Chapo draws life sentence

--ConsortiumNews website was taken down by malware attack at same time that Twitter blocked pro-Assange account and CNN released its smear on Assange

--after loss at Supreme Court, activist groups continue to fight gerrymandering

--Dems promote well-intentioned, but futile, measures on contempt, reparations, and asylum rules

--retired Justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99; his conservatism turned “liberal” as the Court moved right during his 34 year tenure