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PBC News & Comment: How Will Pelosi Kill Latest Impeachment Bid?

Dems struggle to unite in condemning Trump’s racist tweets, as Rep. Al Green throws down new impeachment resolution, upsetting ConservaDems….–in Guardian op-ed, Jonathan Freedland outlines the tough choices: politics, or morality?

–afraid to face Trump’s Twitter firing squad, most Republicans go silent or offer ridiculous rationalizations

WashPost article points out that the latest hate storm will be used against Trump in court cases

–as expected, multiple lawsuits have been filed to challenge new asylum rules

Buzzfeed quotes unnamed asylum officer who says she won’t carry out illegal orders

–after less than a year running Planned Parenthood, Dr. Leana Wen is fired by the board

–Bernie Sanders challenges his Dem rivals to reject contributions from health care and pharma industries

–as scripted, El Chapo draws life sentence

ConsortiumNews website was taken down by malware attack at same time that Twitter blocked pro-Assange account and CNN released its smear on Assange

–after loss at Supreme Court, activist groups continue to fight gerrymandering

–Dems promote well-intentioned, but futile, measures on contempt, reparations, and asylum rules

–retired Justice John Paul Stevens dies at 99; his conservatism turned “liberal” as the Court moved right during his 34 year tenure