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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Must Shut Down Trump’s Account

Twitter’s standards are fuzzy, arbitrary; many users have been suspended or banned for comments that weren’t racist or provably false…–in latest tweets attacking the Squad, Trump claims they are the real racists

–protests continue in Puerto Rico, where governor agrees to to seek re-eletion, but people want him out, pronto

–shit hits the fan in Hong Kong, as police watch thugs beat protesters and innocent bystanders

–Trump and Pompeo deny claim by Iran that it had arrested 17 American spies, and some have been executed

–rudderless Britain demands Iran release tanker, as Pompeo tells UK it’s on its own

–UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is expected to lose PM race to Boris Johnson, tries to organize international naval guard for Persian Gulf

–only about 160,000 Conservative Party members will choose next PM, less than 1% of British voters

–America has a minority rule problem, too, cemented by recent Supreme Court rulings, says David Daley in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

–the silent justice, Clarence Thomas, was very influential this term, says court watcher Bob Egelko

–while your humble host hates to give credit to Trump, Jared, or Kim Kardashian, 3,100 federal inmates have been released under First Step Act

–now Kim and Kanye have lobbied Trump to get Sweden to release rapper ASAP Rocky

–in Wednesday’s hearings starring St. Bob Mueller, expect the focus to be on the obstruction claims

–hackers with the handle Ov1ru$ deliver big data breach to Russia’s FSB, reports Forbes

–some people in Jeff Epstein’s “black book” don’t know how they got listed there

–American-born Israeli activist Jeff Halper gave a Facebook report on a new round of demolitions of Palestinian homes near Jerusalem; hear his archived interview here

–at The Intercept, Patrick Hilsman explains how Israel shot down a Russian drone over Syria—that was designed in Israel

–in strong op-ed, political scientist Peter Irons approves of AOC calling border detention sites “concentration camps”

–the original “Yippie”, Paul Krasner, is dead at 87