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PBC News & Comment: Twitter Must Shut Down Trump’s Account

Twitter’s standards are fuzzy, arbitrary; many users have been suspended or banned for comments that weren’t racist or provably false…--in latest tweets attacking the Squad, Trump claims they are the real racists

--protests continue in Puerto Rico, where governor agrees to to seek re-eletion, but people want him out, pronto

--shit hits the fan in Hong Kong, as police watch thugs beat protesters and innocent bystanders

--Trump and Pompeo deny claim by Iran that it had arrested 17 American spies, and some have been executed

--rudderless Britain demands Iran release tanker, as Pompeo tells UK it’s on its own

--UK Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who is expected to lose PM race to Boris Johnson, tries to organize international naval guard for Persian Gulf

--only about 160,000 Conservative Party members will choose next PM, less than 1% of British voters

--America has a minority rule problem, too, cemented by recent Supreme Court rulings, says David Daley in new WhoWhatWhy podcast

--the silent justice, Clarence Thomas, was very influential this term, says court watcher Bob Egelko

--while your humble host hates to give credit to Trump, Jared, or Kim Kardashian, 3,100 federal inmates have been released under First Step Act

--now Kim and Kanye have lobbied Trump to get Sweden to release rapper ASAP Rocky

--in Wednesday’s hearings starring St. Bob Mueller, expect the focus to be on the obstruction claims

--hackers with the handle Ov1ru$ deliver big data breach to Russia’s FSB, reports Forbes

--some people in Jeff Epstein’s “black book” don’t know how they got listed there

--American-born Israeli activist Jeff Halper gave a Facebook report on a new round of demolitions of Palestinian homes near Jerusalem; hear his archived interview here

--at The Intercept, Patrick Hilsman explains how Israel shot down a Russian drone over Syria—that was designed in Israel

--in strong op-ed, political scientist Peter Irons approves of AOC calling border detention sites “concentration camps”

--the original “Yippie”, Paul Krasner, is dead at 87