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PBC News & Comment: Listeners Support Call for Twitter to Ban Trump

Trump clearly violates Twitter’s hate speech policy, and many have responded enthusiastically to PBC’s call for Twitter to suspend Trump….--Louisiana cops who shared Facebook post about AOC, “this vile idiot needs a round” are fired

--Britain’s conservatives choose Boris Johnson as PM, or as blogger Dave Pell noted, “hair apparent”

--Johnson faces tensions with Iran, and his opponent, Jeremy Hunt, hits choppy waters with plan for European naval escorts in Persian Gulf

--analyzing recent events with Iran, historian/journalist Gareth Porter suspects John Bolton

--St. Bob Mueller goes to Capitol Hill tomorrow, prepared to stonewall questions from both sides

--on 3rd anniversary of WikiLeaks release of Clinton emails, Ray McGovern explains how the “blame Russia” plan was hatched and rolled out

--Trump crony, convicted criminal and government informant Felix Sater’s court files are unsealed by judge

--Senate confirms former Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper as Defense Secretary

--in meeting with Pakistani leader, Trump offends all by saying he could have Afghanistan “wiped off the face of the earth”

--yesterday over the Pacific, South Korea fired on Russian fighters, prompting action by Japan and China

--Trump’s public threats of immigration sweeps targeted 2,000 but only 35 were arrested

--Venezuela suffers more power outages

--Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos has tried to prop up failing for-profit colleges, and her staff lied to Congress about one effort that failed