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PBC News & Comment: Listeners Support Call for Twitter to Ban Trump

Trump clearly violates Twitter’s hate speech policy, and many have responded enthusiastically to PBC’s call for Twitter to suspend Trump….–Louisiana cops who shared Facebook post about AOC, “this vile idiot needs a round” are fired

–Britain’s conservatives choose Boris Johnson as PM, or as blogger Dave Pell noted, “hair apparent”

–Johnson faces tensions with Iran, and his opponent, Jeremy Hunt, hits choppy waters with plan for European naval escorts in Persian Gulf

analyzing recent events with Iran, historian/journalist Gareth Porter suspects John Bolton

–St. Bob Mueller goes to Capitol Hill tomorrow, prepared to stonewall questions from both sides

–on 3rd anniversary of WikiLeaks release of Clinton emails, Ray McGovern explains how the “blame Russia” plan was hatched and rolled out

–Trump crony, convicted criminal and government informant Felix Sater’s court files are unsealed by judge

–Senate confirms former Raytheon lobbyist Mark Esper as Defense Secretary

–in meeting with Pakistani leader, Trump offends all by saying he could have Afghanistan “wiped off the face of the earth”

–yesterday over the Pacific, South Korea fired on Russian fighters, prompting action by Japan and China

–Trump’s public threats of immigration sweeps targeted 2,000 but only 35 were arrested

–Venezuela suffers more power outages

–Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos has tried to prop up failing for-profit colleges, and her staff lied to Congress about one effort that failed