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PBC News & Comment: Mueller’s Testimony Leaves Dems Deflated, In Disarray

After betting the ranch on St. Bob Mueller, Democrats have increased Trump’s prospects for a second term, dimming impeachment prospects….--Mueller refused to answer questions 198 times, and his performance suggested signs of senility

--using deposition approach, Dems force Mueller to agree to many aspects of his report, but he refused to deliver a fatal soundbite

--Dems built Mueller up as national hero, Repubs slammed him in spin that ignores obstruction and the Cohen plea deal

--media pundits declare impeachment dead, 2020 election is only way to dump Trump

--Dem prez candidates renew calls for House impeachment inquiry

--my Congressman, Jared Huffman, gives candid interview to Buzzfeed, says Dems have made “tactical mistakes"

--at ConsortiumNews, Joe Lauria has some good points for skeptics of Russiagate

--Real News Network interviews FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley for honest comments about Mueller,  and Kevin Ryan recaps Mueller’s history of coverups

--Tulsi Gabbard campaign sues Google for $50 million, for suspending account after the Democratic debate on June 27

--Gabbard has lost a staunch supporter, our listener John Zweibel, after she voted for resolution condemning BDS

--protesters in Puerto Rico win, as Gov. Rossello will resign August 2

--adopting the position of tobacco execs in the past, opiod makers deny all responsibility for the addiction and death caused by their products

--federal judge in Arkansas blocks new anti-abortion laws

--federal judge in San Francisco block’s Trump’s illegal and half-baked new asylum rules

--pedophile Jeffrey Esptein was either assaulted or tried suicide in prison Tuesday

--at MintPress, Whitney Webb posts second installment of series about Epstein and the long history of sex blackmail that includes Roy Cohn, a mentor of Trump

--TrumpCo announces new plans for executions

--artists exhibiting at New York’s Whitney Museum Biennial forced a board member to resign