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PBC News & Comment: In Capitol Hearings, St. Bob Mueller Stonewalls Both Sides

Mueller’s testimony frustrates all sides, providing little meaningful commentary as he dodged dueling conspiracy theories served up by Dems, Repubs….--based on initial reports, no questions asked for evidence for his claims of Russian hacking, just lots of partisan posturing

--Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) thought he got Mueller to confirm that he would’ve indicted Trump for obstruction if he weren’t president, but Mueller took it back

--as usual, the hearings were mostly filled with rants that occasionally ended in a question, which Mueller dodged or outright refused to answer

--Russiagate skeptic Aaron Maté launches new video news show on Grayzone, called Pushback, and first interview is with Prof. Stephen Cohen

--only 16 Democrats in the House voted against ugly measure which condemns BDS movement, we name names

--in op-ed, Chase Madar notes that “the anti-Semitic comments that Omar never made….have become a load-bearing myth in US politics”

--25 years later, Joe Biden finally admits his crime bill was a major blunder, and now he’s against the federal death penalty, too

--federal judge in DC declines to block Trump’s illegal new asylum rules

--yesterday, PBC speculated that new British PM Boris Johnson would fire foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt on Thursday, but it happened today

--Iran makes first move to swap impounded tankers with UK

--FTC formally fines Facebook $5 billion, and imposes terms that won’t change much

--in sentencing memo, lawyers for Cesar Sayoc blame his mail bombing efforts on steroids, Fox “News” and Trump’s tweets

--listener Fred in Pennsylvania shares YouTube video from “muslim republican” who wants to expel leftists from America