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In-Depth Interview: Author and Historian Andrew Bacevich Imagines the Present, Viewed from the Future, and Cringes

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Andrew Bacevich is a retired Army colonel, and retired history professor at Boston University.  He’s a founder of a new think tank that’s taking on “the blob”, the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.Bacevich published an unusual column recently, framed as a look back at 2019 from a few decades down the road.  Employing touches of humor and whimsy, Bacevich makes serious points about the “epidemic of anomie” (listen, we define the term) that afflicts the American people.  He takes swipes at our focus on craft beer, small-batch bourbon and fantasy football, while the planet roasts and our leaders ignore the dire implications of climate change.

Bacevich expands on his rant in this conversation, and confesses that he doesn’t have a smart phone and doesn’t want one.  It’s an interesting critique of the current political mess, and he doesn’t blame it on Russia.

He also comments on the current tensions with Iran, and US policy toward Venezuela.  And at the start, we learn about his new think tank and agree that Danny Sjursen is a smart and cool guy with a worldview similar to Bacevich’s.