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PBC News & Comment: Funding Trump’s Wall, Supreme Court Shreds the Constitution

Using manufactured technicality, SCOTUS lets Trump grab Pentagon money to build some Wall, defying Congress, and Constitution’s separation of powers…–another gross example of minority rule

–the Stable Genius could’ve spent the weekend reveling in his victory, but he chose to attack more African-Americans on Twitter, calling them racists

–embracing the demagogue’s “send her back” meme, Sen. Rand Paul says Rep. Ilhan Omar is ungrateful to be an American, says she should go back to Somalia

–Trump also tweeted his expected dismissal of Dan Coats as DNI, plans to appoint a partisan Texas congressman with no relevant experience

–at The Intercept, James Risen overcomes his Russiagate fog, almost, to point out that Mike Pompeo is really the Intel czar

–Ed Bitowsky’s lawsuit exposes critical new threads in Seth Rich case; watch his interview on CN Live here, and read the “Florida Squeeze” blog post here

–DC insider and NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd was the target of critical tweets, and she lashes out at “progressive puritans” who favor impeachment

–Hong Kong protesters got more tear gas over the weekend, as Beijing signaled that HK leaders can crack down

–in Moscow, 1,300 protesters were arrested for wanting free elections

–2 mass shootings in California in 2 days, one at Gilroy Garlic Festival, reportedly the 43rd mass shooting in the US in July