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PBC News & Comment: Will This Round of DemPrez Debates Thin the Herd?

In 10-candidate group gropes, Democrats must be nimble and calculating to get camera time and deliver killer soundbites that resonate….CNN has promoted the debates like prize fights, and the SportsCenter tone will likely infuse the coverage and the questions

–Kamala Harris, who has modified her health care positions, will face flak from Sanders and Warren to her left and a slew of moderates

–new poll gives Harris slim lead in California, national poll puts Biden at top

–a recent entry who won’t be there is Joe Sestak, former Navy admiral and Pennsylvania congressman, featured in fresh interview at WhoWhatWhy

–after days of racist attacks on black leaders, Trump is surprised that they boycotted his scripted comments at Jamestown observance

–Trump’s attacks on Elijah Cummings were triggered by a “Fox & Friends” report

–protests continue in Puerto Rico, aimed at disgraced governor’s likely successor, Wanda Vasquez

–Trump forced Guatemala to agree to incoherent asylum plan, and now the Constitutional Court is objecting

–Beijing tells Hong Kong to keep suppressing protests

–China competes with Trump for Big Lie award, as it claims that most Uighurs have “returned to society” from internment camps

–in 2018 tax year, individuals paid in $93 billion more than 2017, as corporations paid $91 billion less

–ACLU confirms 900+ children have been separated from parents at border since judge ordered it stopped

–in counties where Trump has staged a mob rally, hate crimes increased by 226%

–the accused shooter at Gilroy Garlic Festival touted a racist book on Instagram before the slaughter of 3, including a 6-year-old in a bouncy house

–in new column at TomDispatch, Danny Sjursen hopes that Trump will exit Afghanistan

–“Moscow Mitch” McConnell is outraged at the outrage over his blocking election security bills

–and Mitch may have trouble confirming Trump’s pick for DNI, John Ratcliffe

–in latest Push Back video, Aaron Maté and Ali Abunimah criticize Reps. Tulsi Gabbard and Ayanna Pressley for their anti-BDS votes last week

–listener Ian Berman offers Tulsi tough love

–Whitney Webb exposes how Wikipedia staff targeted MintPress as an “unreliable” source after pressure from Israel supporters