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PBC News & Comment: FBI Frame-up Overturned in Lodi Mosque Case

In a case we’ve covered for 12 years, conviction of Hamid Hayat is overturned after he was framed by FBI…--Hayat has spent 14 years in prison, one of the early targets of St. Bob Mueller

--Trevor Aaronson, who has exposed many of the FBI entrapment cases, exposes the false bio claims of Trump’s DNI pick, Rep. John Ratcliffe

--federal judge in NY throws out DNC suit against Trump Campaign, Russia and Wikileaks

--business writer at Forbes argues that there’s no reason to sanction Russia anymore, especially over Russiagate

--Dems continue hysterical fearmongering about Russian meddling in 2020 election,

while ignoring obvious election fraud, like North Carolina’s CD 9 in 2018

--new California law requires top candidates to disclose tax returns

--in Puerto Rico, the disgraced outgoing governor faces opposition to his choice of successor

--Trump’s trade war slogs on, as talks with China end with no agreement

--Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, in part to offset the losses from Trump trade war

--in rare legal maneuver, Arizona asks US Supreme Court to hear its case against the opioid profiteers of the Sackler family

--Senate committee believes denials of General John Hyten, accused of sexual assault

--Democrats debated in Detroit, and your humble host apologizes for suggesting that Kamala Harris was in Tuesday’s round

--the balance of this podcast is devoted to commentary on the CNN debate


Word of the Day, defined: Stochastic Terrorist  (Hint: defines Trump)