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PBC News & Comment: Half of House Dems Now Support Impeachment

Each day, another Democrat in the House joins the call for impeachment inquiry; will they overcome Pelosi’s caution, and prevail?...

--yes, it’s risky; but expecting to beat Trump without impeachment is risky, too

--in baffling move, TrumpCo puts sanctions on Iran’s foreign minister, they guy they say they want to have talks with

--Danny Sjursen notes that US troops are back in Saudi Arabia, predicts it will end badly

--Trump officials have crammed a new asylum plan down Guatemala’s proverbial throat

--Trump adds more tariffs to Chinese imports, even after The Fed lowered interest rates to limit the damage from his trade war

--once again showing support for accused war criminal, petty Trump orders medals stripped from legal team in the court-martial

--hear Ellen Ratner say that Julian Assange told her that Russia didn’t hack DNC

--at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern is optimistic that Trump’s new top spook will get to the bottom of Russiagate

--at second DemPrez debate in Detroit, Joe Biden was the target, and delivered self-inflicted blows, too

--Sen. Cory Booker scored some points on criminal justice

--Sen. Kamala Harris argued with Biden on health care, and wasn’t ready when Tulsi Gabbard laid out accurate criticisms of Harris’ record as California AG

--Facebook friends, fans and foes weighed in on Gabbard’s attack

--candidates shattered Obama’s halo on health care and immigration, but didn’t connect him to opioid crisis

--only 7 candidates currently meet the terms for September debates, so the herd may be thinning