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PBC News & Comment: Half of House Dems Now Support Impeachment

Each day, another Democrat in the House joins the call for impeachment inquiry; will they overcome Pelosi’s caution, and prevail?…

–yes, it’s risky; but expecting to beat Trump without impeachment is risky, too

–in baffling move, TrumpCo puts sanctions on Iran’s foreign minister, they guy they say they want to have talks with

–Danny Sjursen notes that US troops are back in Saudi Arabia, predicts it will end badly

–Trump officials have crammed a new asylum plan down Guatemala’s proverbial throat

–Trump adds more tariffs to Chinese imports, even after The Fed lowered interest rates to limit the damage from his trade war

–once again showing support for accused war criminal, petty Trump orders medals stripped from legal team in the court-martial

–hear Ellen Ratner say that Julian Assange told her that Russia didn’t hack DNC

–at ConsortiumNews, Ray McGovern is optimistic that Trump’s new top spook will get to the bottom of Russiagate

–at second DemPrez debate in Detroit, Joe Biden was the target, and delivered self-inflicted blows, too

–Sen. Cory Booker scored some points on criminal justice

–Sen. Kamala Harris argued with Biden on health care, and wasn’t ready when Tulsi Gabbard laid out accurate criticisms of Harris’ record as California AG

–Facebook friends, fans and foes weighed in on Gabbard’s attack

–candidates shattered Obama’s halo on health care and immigration, but didn’t connect him to opioid crisis

–only 7 candidates currently meet the terms for September debates, so the herd may be thinning